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Your Questions About Suit Of Swords

Mandy asks…

Questions about the tarot?

To cut it short, I have 2 decks of tarot cards. And I feel that one of the decks suits me better.

By suits me better, I mean that the results I get from it is very consistant like, when the ask the same question, almost the same cards come out, like the suit of swords always comes out for example, or the suit of wands, and I feel like very comfortable with it. Lets call this deck no.1

The other deck’s results is not consistant. Deck no.2

So I wish to ask, is it wise to always use deck no.1 and don’t use deck no.2 for reading?

TarotTrumps answers:

Use deck no 1 ; not only because you have better results but your personal vibrations goes into the deck and it gives a better reading ; try it with a friend its a good way to gain confidence in yourself and the deck of cards

Charles asks…

Where can I order a real suit of armor fitted for me?

I want to be a knight so I need the armor, I also need information on how to obtain a shield and sword. It is my destiny to slay dragons!
If you think I am joking then you are sadly mistaken and can not comprehend awesomeness at such large levels.
I need a master armor-smith to craft me one though. E-bay would only sell me pre-owned armor or pre-made. That won’t do!

TarotTrumps answers:

You would have to go to someone who makes them with all that mesh and stuff, don’t think your mum can handle this job, check for edwardian knights in your area, they will be able to help, a lot of them do reinactments of battles so you should be able to find someone that can help you :)

William asks…

Physically speaking. Is it possible to make an indistructable suit of armor?

Traditionally a better proverbial “Sword”, would be considered superior and more coveted than better armor. As the best defense is a good offense. I believe the answer to world peace is better armor. Surley the bigger person is so strong that you could throw everything you’ve got at them, they still stand there and therefore impose their will, by presence and war of attrition.
No, no, everyone is still thinking too small. I’m talking out of the box here…

Okay indestructible, would be just that, it has to be armor, that is not only capable of withstanding concussion blasts, missles, bullets, and chemicals, but weather. In fact, it has to be “war-proof”.

I’m picturing a tremendous mobile factory. anything that would be thrown at it, would be absorbed into soft jelly and recycled into itself.

IDK, Call it, invinceable “pillow armor”, it would literally be invinceable,rolling on giant treads, or walking on spider-like robot legs and it could be capable of absorbing incoming trajectories from missles and projectiles, even explosive warheads, into a gelatinous polymer, which would heal and regenerate, because it builds itself at a faster rate than it can be destroyed. Then after the enemy is exausted at fighting this monsterous blob, it would release stun weapons and armored suits that would mop up and nutralize enemies of the establishment with tazers.

TarotTrumps answers:

Sure you could make a suit that would survive almost anything, but enough force and you could still turn the human body inside to a sack of meat pudding.

Concussion is actually a more lethal killer than shrapnel or projectile. Near enough to a shock wave and your internal organs turn to goop, or you heart seizes up. No amount of personal armor can be 100% eeffective against a concussive blast.

Having a walking army of human tanks is a great idea, but their is always a way around the advantage. Mobility, perception, flexibility. These are all factors. Historical Note: the battle of Agincourt ( i know this not the spelling, sorry) French knights and heavy foot soldiers both out numbered and out classed the much smaller and lighter English under Henry V. However their superior armor, which has been shown to be impervious to English arrows (the vast majority of English forces were archers) was made irrelevant because the terrain, weather and fighting conditions neutralized the advantage. With only a few casualties the lighter faster English slaughtered hundreds of knights and foot soldiers. The mud proved to be the deciding factor.

Besides once you have the better armor some one will always find a better “sword”

ADD ON! OHHHH almost like a “World Devestator”!!! Lol I know it’s not exactly what you are looking for but in a way it’s been done… Star wars: Dark Empire. It is a comic book, a really good one too. I will asume you are familiar with Star Wars, if not I apologize. After the fall of the empire the New Republic goes after the remaining strongholds. How ever the Empire has a few secret weapons left. One is a floating factory called a “World Devistator”, it literaly sucks material up and converts it in to robotic weapons/vehicles that it then uses to protect it’s self.

Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Devastator – little more info. =)

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