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Your Questions About Suit Of Cups Water

Donald asks…

Do they make special bras to use in the water?

I got a new bathing suit but it does not have cups in it only the material i was wondering if any places make cups to put into your bathing suit or some kind of bra to wear in the water that i could use under my bathing suit.

TarotTrumps answers:

Just take the cup parts of a regular bra that you like and remove all the rest of the bra. Then sew those cups into your new swimsuit. A smooth cupped bra designed to wear with sweaters and knit tops is what you need. Use one that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone, if you can find it.

This kind of smooth, skin color, non-patterned bra cup can be sewn into your suit and it will look fine. You can leave the bottom elastic band area of the bra and just sew the whole thing at the sides only (for a tankini or one piece suit) or you can just sew the cups alone, at the sides and bottom, into a bikini top.

If you make this kind of alteration to your new suit, try it out in the shower first and move around a lot to test it out in different positions.

If I were you, I would just return the suit if I could and get one with a bra already sewn in at the factory. Much easier…

Good luck!! : )

Chris asks…

Are these all items from ww2 not ww1 but ww2?

Im doing a research project and i need help please war people help me
American ground soldiers
Weapon cleaning kit
1st aid kit
Gas mask
A few days’ rations
Comfort rations: razor with blades, toothbrush & paste, soap, foot powder, gum and candy
Change of socks
Mess kit
Canteen with cup
Water purification tablets


American Aircraft Soldiers

American Anti-Aircraft Soldiers

Personal Items
Leather Jacket Name Labels
Money Belt
black or tan ties
G.I. Red Cross Personal Effects Bag & Toiletries Large Set
Plain Plastic Toothbrush
Plain Black 5″ Plastic Combs
Steel Scissors, 3.5″
Tin Soap Box
G.I./ Doughboy Reproduction Shaving Kits
G.I. Handkerchiefs
Black Elastic blousing bands
wooden clothes pins
Reproduction G.I. Sewing Kits
Black 2″ Safety Pins
Sewing Kit Spare Thread Card
Camouflage Parachute Scarves
M-60 machine gun
200 rounds of ammo
9mm pistol
Fighting knife
Rifleman/AG: M16A2, M16A4, M4, M4A1
Grenadier: One of the above rifles with the addition of the M203 or M203A1 40mm grenade launcher.
Gunner: M240 series, M60 series, M249 series, M2 series, Mk19
Mortarman, 60, 80, or 120mm mortars.
Designated Marksman: M14/21, M24, M40, M82, M107, M110
M9 pistol
M870-M500 shotguns
Claymore mines
Personal weapon, M16a2/M16a4/M4/M249
Smallest fire team: four men- three riflemen (usually, one of them has an M203 grenade launcher) with either the M16a3 or an M4a1 and the fourth carries a machine gun, usually the M249
Marines are using the M60 and M240
Sniper teams: one rifleman and one marksman that carries either the M324, M21 (aka M14 DMR) or M82
Ka-Bar survival knife (last-resort weapon after your pistol)
Pistols: M92F, Mk23 Mod 0, Delta Force has access to any weapon in the world
some new weapons are: MP7a1 submachine gun
HK416: best 5.56mm (and .30cal) assault rifle in the world
Food for 2 days
MRE-Meal ready to eat
Food: a standard Meal(s)-Ready-to-Eat (MRE), water canteen/bottle that rests in a pouch
Chemical protective suit
Gas mask
Flak jacket
1 extra uniform
Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat
Night vision goggles
Army uses the ACU- Army Combat Uniform.
USAF uses the DCU-Desert Combat Uniform
BDU-Battle dress uniform
ABU-Airmen Battle Uniform
Marines use the MARPAT uniform as does the Navy
Body armor with Kevlar plates
ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet)
ACU (Advanced Combat Uniform)
heavy backpacks, which range from 20 to over 60 pounds depending on what’s in them, the heavier ones (unless it’s a radio) they drop it in combat and pick it up later
standard digital-camo Battle-Dress-Uniform under a Kevlar vest w/ various pouches, a water canteen, knee pads, either black, brown or tan boots, a Kevlar helmet (w/ appropriate camo) shooting goggles (mainly for keeping out debris, not looks), maybe wear gloves
Personal items: the 101st Airborne has the unique tradition of placing an Ace card on their helmets

Personal items: pictures of family, good luck charms, even iPods or cameras

TarotTrumps answers:

The list you have is from the late 20 and early 21 century- items like Body armor with Kevlar plates, MRE-Meal ready to eat, Claymore mines, Personal weapon, M16a2/M16a4/M4/M249 are modern items.

The first list is much better:

Weapons – garand rifle, browning auto rifle, thompson machine pistol, grenades, M1 carbine, 1911 pistol
Ammunitation- 30-06 bullet, .45 bullet
Weapon cleaning kit
1st aid kit
Gas mask
A few days’ rations
Comfort rations: razor with blades, toothbrush & paste, soap, foot powder, gum and candy
Change of socks
Mess kit
Canteen with cup
Water purification tablets- IMO only in the tropics (pacific war)

Michael asks…

I need makeover help ?

This is going to be a long question. :)
Well school starts in about 3 or 4 weeks. I guess I’m pretty, but I’m tired of being known as the “cute one” to all of my friends. I want to look prettier, hotter, and more mature. I also want to look like a girl guys stop and stare at. But I don’t want to lose myself!!
I’m going into high school.
I’m maybe 4’11″. Pretty short. I have medium skin that tans to a dark walnut in the summer. I have almond shaped dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair. I’m really thin, and people make fun of me for it and being short. I have a small amount of really long (overgrown) layers, and overgrown sidebangs.
My style is like a t-shirt, jeans, polos, sneakers kind. Really casual.
I have a bunch of questions, for different categories.

1) Should I cut my hair like this (having a heart-shaped face?): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiHL3WkYECc
2) Does giving yourself natural highlights with apple cider vinegar (1 cup water, 1 cup ACV) actually work? I’m tempted to try, because my mom doesn’t want me to go to a salon for highlights and she won’t let me buy a kit.
3) How could I fix my hair like this?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnZ3USvpWN0
I actually have no curling iron, but if I wanted my hair curly I usually use braids and sleep in them overnight. I also own a hair dry (but no straightener). Do I just have to make really loose braids to get the waves?
4) Is there a way to make your hair grow a little faster? I want it to be a little longer before it gets cut.
5) Any cute hairstyles, casual like messy buns, etc.?
6) Any healthy hair tips?

I’m petite. I want a cute, fun girly style.
1) What are the trends for 2010-2011?
2) What are the essentials in my wardrobe?
3) What stores should I shop at?
4) Anything else I need to know?
5) What kind of bags are cute, affordable, and durable (like purses, etc.?)
6) What kinds of shoes are cute affordable, trendy, and they go with any outfit? How many and what kinds of shoes should I have?

1) What colors would suit me?
2) How much is enough makeup?
3) How do you curl your eyelashes?
4) Can Vaseline be used as mascara?
5) What/ how should I do my makeup if I want my eyes to look bigger?
6) Or, how can I work with my almond eye shape?
7) Any beauty tips?

1) What’s a good beauty routine?
2) How often should I shave/pluck/wax?
3) How do I shape and pluck and groom my eyebrows?
4) How much water should I drink each day, recommended?
5) What’s a good skincare routine? I get occasional zits.
6) Good ways to get rid of eyebags?
7) Do any of those eyebag creams work?
8) Ways to develop body confidence?
9) How to take care of a girlstache?
10) How to keep up with everything?
11) How to look good anytime, anywhere?
12) What exercises to fix my flat butt? (:

1) How to not lose myself?
2) How to flirt with guys?
3) How to be more organized this year?
4) How to be more girly?
5) How to be a better student?
6) How to pay mroe attention in class?
7) How to make more friends?
8) How to survive high school? (:
9) How to not procrastinate?

Any other additional tips you have are going to be greatly appreciated whether it’s beauty, personality, etc. Please, no rude comments. Thanks so much! (:

TarotTrumps answers:

Hey you’ve got an awsome name :) high five for Victoria!!

Anyways,, i better start answering this…

Okeys, so..

1) they usually say that hairstyle sorts a heart shape face, so you’re all good!
2) Nothing like that really works, lemon juice helps, but other than that dont even bother :P
4) Search up some tips about making hair grow faster on here, people ask that question at least once a day!
5) Search on youtube for cute hairstyles, some people on there have given me some great style ideas!
6) Dont use so much heat on you’re hair, or you will get split ends. Cut your hair regularly, and dont put it in too tight ponytails or buns.

1) Buy some magazines and take a look, i find it really helps to take a look in some magazines. Some of the latest styles (over where i live anyways) are jeggins, and floral tops and dresses, and hight waisted shorts.
If you think you are short, i would wear high heels or wedges. Or, if you don’t want to, then just where flats, its endearing to be short sometimes XD
2) At the moment, summer dresses
3) I dont no where you live but in the Uk- Newlook USA- Victoria’s secret (XD) Forever21
4) not really!
5 Clutch purses are really cute and in right now, think about investing in one of them :)
6. Dolley shoes, ballet pumps. A good pair of them will go with anything!

I reallly cbb to answer this one, but there is an amazing beauty guru on youtube called juicystar07, and some of her vids will answer all of these questions XD

1.Moisterizing is important for your body, to make it feel soft and look shiney XD
2. Whatever you want, i shave around 2wice a week.
3.Go to a sallon and do it
4. 7 glasses is the recommendation, but usually people drink around 4.
5. Tea Tree oil is amazing for spots. Check out their brand.
6. Sleep lots! Lots and lots of sleep will take care of them
7. Go to you’re local farmasist and ask for their recommendations.
8. Go in the mirror everyday and tell yourself you’re beautiful, i do that XD
9. Waxing!!
10. Write it all down, make a list. Get orginzed!
11. Make sure you are comfortable with what you look like, and you’ll be fine#
12. Lots of sit ups XD

1. Dont try to be anyone you’re not.
2. Just be yourself, dont be fake. Guys can tell.
3. Make lists. Lots of lists!!
4. Wear very femine girly clothes :)
5. Be Orginized! I cant stress this enough!
6. Get lots of sleep. The worst thing in the world is being tired!
7. Be yourself!
8. Okay so i no now you are from the USA. Just be yourself like i say and you’ll make lots of friends.

You are soooo lucky your name is victoria!! Or i wouldnt have spent half an hour trying to answer this question!!! XD xx

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