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Your Questions About Suit Of Cups

Ken asks…

What will be the color and design of Don Cherry’s suit for Stanley Cup Game Six tonight?

TarotTrumps answers:

White with pink poka dots.

Sandy asks…

where to buy a nice looking D-cups swimming suits?!?

i have a major problem. i’m 18 year-old girl who has D-cups. unfortunatelly, i can’t find a good looking swimming suit of that size anywhere!! everything i find is more for old ladies than for me. could you tell me some shop that sells nice swimming suits through the whole year? and not so expensive, if it’s possible. i just want a normal swimming suit for girls of my age :( and if it’s possible to tell me if that shop exists in Nuremberg,Germany? by the way, i would like a bikini, definitly not those one part suits if you know what i mean. i want a bra plus undies

TarotTrumps answers:

Have you tried Victoria’s Secret? If you don’t mind buying online, then check Victoria’s Secret ! It’s AWESOME !!


Mark asks…

Stitching cups onto the inside of your bathing suit?

I recently bought this swimsuit.. :


and there werent any cups attatched to the top,
and it was sort of lose, and it was the smallest size
so the person who worked there said cups will help.
she said to stitch it on the inside of the top
but i don’t really know how to as in where to put it on the inside!
people who have experiences, help please?

TarotTrumps answers:

Go look at some swimsuit tops with the cups in them and it will make sense.

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