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Your Questions About Suit Of Clubs

Daniel asks…

Iceland has banned strip clubs… should we follow suit in the UK?

Iceland has now banned all strip clubs and lap dancing clubs, saying that the business is not respectful of women.

What do you think of it, and do you think it’s something we should do in the UK?

You can read the full story here:

TarotTrumps answers:

It may be a symbolic thing to do but what that story doesn’t mention is that there were only a handful of strip clubs in Iceland anyway and therefore the impact somewhat limited.

Nancy asks…

Can anyone recommend me some good bars and clubs in london?

Basically I am going to london in 2 weekends and fancy spending a night or 2 on the tiles.. can anyone recommend some bars/clubs to me that suit?

I listen to wide variety but find favourites being rock/metal, indie/nu rave, drum n bass and dont mind the odd bit of pop/cheesey pop.

if anyone know of any good club nights saturday/sunday please reply!

TarotTrumps answers:

La Dolce just off Air Street is pretty good (quite pricey). They have live musicians walking round jamming with the music (drum’n base/house/rock).

But if your looking for something a bit rougher (a lot rougher) head down to Vaxhaul, club 42.

But there’s also a nice bar/club up in Highgate it’s called Viva Viva.

Paul asks…

How do you find the probability of drawing a king followed by a non faced card(no replacement)?

Using a standard deck of cards (having 13 cards in each suit (hearts, clubs, spades, & diamonds) & 4 cards each rank (Ace, 2-10, King, Queen, Jack) & 12 face cards.

TarotTrumps answers:

There are 52 cards in the deck, and 4 kings. So the chances of drawing a king as the first card is 4/52, or 1 in 13.

For the 2nd card, there are 51 cards left in the deck (after drawing the King), and 11 of them would be face cards (4 Jacks, 4 Queens and 3 Kings). The chance of drawing a face card 2nd would be 11 out of 51 – and the chance of drawing a NON-face card would therefore be 40 out of 51.

So for the probability of BOTH things happening, you just multiply them together – 1/13 times 40/51.

40 out of 663 possible combinations – or about a 6.033 percent chance.

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