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Your Questions About Rider-waite Tarot

Carol asks…

I live in North Kolkata,India. I want to buy Tarot Deck. Can anyone please tell me?

I live in North Kolkata. I want to buy Tarot Deck urgently. Can anyone please tell me from where to buy Rider Waite Tarot Deck in Kolkata?

TarotTrumps answers:

If you have New Age or Metaphysical book stores in India, they would have them. Otherwise, it is best to do an online google search. FIrst do a search using a close location. If you don’t find them there, do a general search. I know there are tons of sites that would sell them

Sharon asks…

Could read these Tarot cards for my partner ? Thank you for your time?

From the rider & waite Tarot. The celetic cross
1. knight of cups , 2.7 of wands , 3. The Emperor , 4. 6 of swords , 5. The Tower , 6. The Devil , 7. The lovers , 8. The Fool , 9. 3 of pentacles , 10 Page of cups Thank you so much for your time

TarotTrumps answers:

I read from the Thoth deck so the images may vary slightly.

You are represented by the Works card, it is in reference to alchemical work and a time of transition. You are being crossed by the prince of cups he is the Air of Emotion. He is a very focused young man and while he is doing many things at once he is not doing all of them well. He is very close to the water and has not even noticed. The foundation is Adjustment (Justice in your deck) this the Zodical Trump of Libra. It is about balancing Venus earthly and airy natures. Above you is Happiness, it is emotion in abundence. It is Jupiters expansion in Pisces watery nature and they are very happy together. Behind you is the Death card. This is a letting go of old ideas or bad habits. This is Scorpios watery nature and an indicator of change. Since you are being represented by the Work card those two are related. In front of you in the Knight of Wands. This is a card of new beginnings and he is the Fire of Fire. In his hand is the Ace of Wands. He is the creative spark generator. He is focused movement.

The hidden influences are Indolence (8 of Cups). This is also related to the Death card and speaks of mispent or wasted emotional efforts. This is in Saturns restrictive nature and Pisces sense of expansion is just crushed here. Your hidden influence is the Queen of Pents. She is the emotional side of material security. She has a goat representing Capricorn and is surveying the landscape for options. She is representing your drive to make a better material existence for yourself in an emotionally responsible way. Hopes and fears is Sorrow. You are worried that your choices will have left you in a restricted place too far inside your own head. You are concerned about being emotionally lonely due to your thoughts as opposed to actions. The final outcome is the 6 of Disks ( Success). This is a balanced card of material sucess. Whatever your choices are they will end in very materially successful sort of way.

Good luck and enjoy!

Chris asks…

Does anyone know the name of this variety of tarot?

A time ago I saw in www.aeclectic.net a particular kind of tarot that called my attention, it was based on the Rider Waite Tarot, but in this one, you see the cards from behind, for instance you didnt see the face of The Magician, you saw his back… I tried to find it again, but i was unable to… Does anyone knows the name of this tarot???

TarotTrumps answers:

Wow, sounds interesting but I tried to find it also with no luck

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