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Your Questions About Minor Arcana

Steven asks…

Missing a tarot card; can I still give readings?

I’ve had a deck for 3 years that I do readings with off and on. One day when I took them out, though, they scattered all over the street on a windy day, a friend and I tried to gather them all up. When I sorted through them, I realized I was missing the Page of Cups.

Does this have any symbolic importance for my life; like perhaps a missed love interest or something?

More importantly, can I still give accurate Tarot readings with a missing card? It’s a minor arcana card, but still.

All suggestions would help.

TarotTrumps answers:

It is best to have all of your cards but it will still work fine without it. Since it is only one card you can still use them , a card with a similar meaning will just show through in the reading as a replacement.

Richard asks…

Where can I physically buy a tarot deck?

I’ve searched and searched, I want to buy a tarot deck, but I want to be able to walk into the shop pick it up and look at it.
I know of all the on-line stores around, but I don’t want to blindly buy a tarot deck, I may as well stick with the one I have now if I do that.

I hate the one I have now BTW, its not inspirational in anyway, and the minor arcana cards are boring.

Does anyone know of any shops in Eastern Sydney that sell tarot decks, I have checked the book stores and nothing…
Thank you to the first three, but we don’t have Barnes and Noble, or Borders here…
Ive checked Witchvox…that wasnt any help either…

Book of Life: I pray, I love God…but i have also taken the time to learn this art, and i am intrigued but its complexity…i dont believe in sitting back and waiting for God to dump things in front of me.
I also dont put a huge amount of faith in the cards…but i enjoy reading them, because the people i read for do put faith in the cards…

TarotTrumps answers:

There is a great website that shows hundreds of decks, including pictures of each card in the deck! Here’s the site: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/
Most stores don’t let you open the deck and look at all the cards, so that may not be helpful unless you go to a specifically metaphysical book store. The website I recommend is great because you can look through all the decks, choose the ones you like, and then order them online from the retailer of your choice.

I hope this helps!


Ruth asks…

My Jean Dodal deck of Tarot cards?

I recently bought this deck of Jean Dodal tarot cards which looks something like this


The problem is, the minor arcana‘s are hard to read. For example, when I pick out a card of nine swords, I can’t tell if it’s reversed or not reversed because it looks the same from both side round.

Can someone help me?

TarotTrumps answers:

The first thing to remember is if you are totally honest with yourself, the cards cannot tell you anything you don’t already know.

That said, consider the card whether reversed or not, the card is ALSO inclusive of the representation that includes both sides of the energy of the card’s meaning and read it that way. Then depending on the layout you are using, figure out the interpretation relative to the other cards. That’s also how to use the Thoth deck more accurately.

An interesting divination method you might look into is the Oracle of Fortuna by Ophiel.

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