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Your Questions About Minor Arcana

George asks…

How do I read these three Tarot cards?

Okay. Since I didn’t have any Tarot cards I used a Tarot book and told my friend to give me certain numbers. For the Major Arcana I told her to pick a # from 1 to twenty something. Then for the Minor Arcana I told her to pick a number from 1 to 56.
She picked these following cards as I turned to the corresponding pages: The Devil, The Seven of Cups, and The Two of Swords.
What does this mean? I thought it would mean that my friend had to make a certain decision in her life now. She didn’t pick the bad or ugly decision but the decision she made was one that was based on her intuition but not her logic even though she wanted the logical one.
I’m sorry I’m friends with an Arrogant Atheist.

TarotTrumps answers:

I too recommend getting a deck and learning to lay different spreads. I think Crowley’s Thoth deck is particularly worthy as it is heavily laden with textured imagery deriving from multiple divination disciplines.

The bible is great for telling the future, if by future you mean past. It is a wonderful fairy tale loaded with errancy at odds with reason, common sense and science.

The tarot is at least as good at divining the future.

Charles asks…

Could someone break this down for me?

The various figures within the painting are presented in poses similar to the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana of the Etteilla occult tarot deck, including: The Devil; Judgement; The Lovers; The World; The Hanged Man; The Ace of Swords/Sword of Damocles; The Page of Swords; The Seven of Wands; and The Queen of Cups.
This is about Kanye Wests video POWER. I don’t really understand this or the painting. Or if he’s a devil worshiper or not. I hope not.

TarotTrumps answers:


Helen asks…

Tarot Question: Pentacles suit dominates a tarot reading done about love.?

Hi everyone. I recently just did my own Tarot reading regaurding a failed relationship I had and the state of my love life and what the future holds for not only me and my ex but me and my future adventures in love.

I got almost all Minor Arcana cards except one. The Devil. In position 8 of the Celtic Cross. The rest where all Minor cards and almost all where Pentacle cards and then the rest where wands, and then one sword card.

I am new to the tarot and it seems that pentacles cards seemto only deal with wealth and materialism but i was trying to do a reading about love. And got no cups cards.

To shed light I am going to give you the cards that came out in my reading in the order i drew them corresponding to the areas of the Celtic Cross:

1 Two of Pentacles
2 Page of Wands
3 Page of Pentacles
4 Three of Swords
5 8 Of Wands
6 9 Of Pentacles
7 3 of Pentacles
8 The Devil
9 6 of Wands
10 5 of Pentacles

My overall öutcome”is pretty negative with the 5 of pentacles and yet my immediate future 8 of wands is very positive. So I am trying to get some meaning from this reading and wanted to see if any of you could help :)
Sean thanks for your input! Torbelina wow! You creeated quite a wonderful narrative and one that definitely makes sense in my situation. Though there have been no attempts to get back together yet.

And now Sam! Sam I used the 10 card celtic cross spread. I did not use a personal card as a significator but instead drew it.

Here is how i ordered my cards..whicih I read is the ïnncorrect”way. And then i rearanged the cards into the conventional way. So i’ll show you the layout for both.

My way:

1 Present situation
2 What crosses the path
3 Past influences
4 The future
5. What is influencing
6 What is the foundation.

7. how you see yourself
8 how others see you
9 hopes and fears
10 outcome.

This is what I read was the “correct” way to spread the cards. And how I believe Torbelina interpreted my cards.

1. present
2. crossing the present
3 Foundation of the issue
4 Past
5 the subconcious mind
6 the future

and the rest of the cards are the same. :) Would love your input sam.

TarotTrumps answers:

The Pentacles have to do with materialism, money and stability. To have numerous pentacle cards pop up in a romance reading indicates a relationship based on sexual, sensual desire. The relationship was likely heavily based on these characteristics, and had nothing else to offer. Or it was a relationship that one or both parties held on to for financial security.

1) Indicates the querent’s conflicting demands. This person may have wanted the relationship because of the material, or sexual benefits it offered, but on another hand seeks something more substancial.

2) In the begining the relationship may have seemed ment to be; full of vitality, fun, adventure and excitement.

3) But all that could be arrived at was a very sensual relationship, with material undertones.

4) Thus the reader took a step back and analyzed the situation with their head, instead of their heart. The conclusion was that the relationship was more painful than it was beneficial.

5) The querent has put behind them the zeal and enthusiasm once focused on the relationship.

6) And is now moving toward a new concept of relationships. One in which instead of a pronounced sensual element, the querent can attain the nurturing and care that they really desire from a relationship.

7) The querent has turned their interest toward attaining their own security and using their own talents to aid them in doing so. In relation to the matter, the querent seeks to come to an understanding about the relationship.

8) The querent is still very sensual, and may feel a pull back to the relationship due to desires. The Devil hints here that there may be denial, or that the querent may have issues with guilt. Or that they have not come to terms with parts of their personality that they don’t particularly like.

9) The querent hopes to find a relationship in which they can be praised and given the admiration they seek. Or they seek the self-confidence that being in a relationship may give them. They fear the expectations of others or that their expectations may be too high.

10) This indicates if the querent were to revive the relationship, the facets of their being that have not been developed or given attetion would not thrive. Perhaps the querent would rely to heavily on the partner for security, self-esteem and general well-being. It indicates that the querent is disempowering themselves with the relationship.

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