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Your Questions About Minor Arcana

Richard asks…

another tarot card question..?

when would be a good time to start reading my friends cards? I have been just studying the major cards. I know all the Major cards. Do you think that i would be able to read some friends cards? im going to start to learn the minor Arcana now.

TarotTrumps answers:

Not yet. You need both the major arcana and the minor in order to read. If you use only the major arcana, you lose a vital dimension to a reading. It’s a little like using only uppercase letters.

William asks…

Which Tarot deck?

I used to have The Witches Tarot deck but found it very difficult to learn with due to the minor arcana portion being very generic (like a deck of playing cards).

Can anyone recomend a more illustrative deck that I could use to learn the art more easily?

TarotTrumps answers:

I like the Hanson Roberts deck, the Robin Wood Tarot and the Connolly Tarot Deck. Because their imagery works well for my readings. I don’t like the darker cards like Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, but each to their own.

The many different tarot decks available will all portray symbolic imagery which must then pass through your psychic senses and, given the context of the questions asked, bring forth a tarot card meaning that significantly answers your question.

You can use this four minute video as a brief meditation on the tarot that, repeatedly viewed, will help you learn how to read tarot cards psychically. Http://www.psychic-junkie.com/tarotvision.html

If you are using Tarot cards as an oracle, you may be more inclined to read card meanings and spreads. But if using Tarot Cards as a tool for Psychic Ability you would be less likely to hold to any hard and fast guide lines. I’m a profession psychic and use Tarot Cards in a random way. In 25 years of professional readings I’ve never used any ‘meanings or spreads’ of tarot cards from any books.

So if you want to develop ‘Psychic Ability’ throw the books and guidelines away and let the images inspire you. But you may need to try the Rider Waite or another imaged deck.

I believe we are all psychic, but for the majority the gift or the belief has been long knocked out of them. Educated out is another way of looking at it. Many professional psychics have grown up in a psychic friendly environment. Perhaps a grand-parent or parent with the knowledge has helped bring the extra sense out in the open and encouraged its use. But there are as many practicing psychics who have not had the benefit of caring psychic guidance and who have still managed to develop and hone this natural extra sense. The Psychic Sense.

To tap in to it more you can go to my free develop-psychic-ability page here: http://www.psychic-junkie.com/develop-psychic-ability.html

But on the other hand, if you want to use the Tarot as an oracle, a form of divination that needs no real ‘psychic ability’, then keep the books and use the meanings and spreads if you prefer.

Here is a free download demo for a great Tarot program. To keep the size of the demo manageable it contains the Rider/Waite deck, the actual program will have 10 complete decks. This Demo version of Tarot is a full working copy for 30 days. So you get 30 days to study meanings and spreads! Http://www.free-tarot-download-demo.wotsnext.com

Donna asks…

Experienced Tarot readers……………..?

I am new to learning about the cards. I have my own “abilities” and have not needed the tarot until now. I am using them to help me focus and get a clearer understanding.
I have started learning about them and did several readings for myself and several for some friends at the moment so that I can familiarize myself with them and connect.
My question is, though, each reading I have done for myself I have noticed that the Major Arcana are the most laid out and I usually have had only one or two of the minor arcana come into play. Is there a reason why the Major Arcana are the most prominent in my readings for myself and not for others? Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.
Please, no snide remarks, this is part of my belief and if you do not agree then let’s agree to disagree. Thank you.
I know reading for myself is not the most accurate, but this has happened to me off and on most of my life when others have read for me. I was just wondering why the Major rather than the minor? Is there a significance to a Major layout rather than a balanced or minor layout? I guess I should have been more specific.
Mel, those are the exact cards that kept coming up. I have been feeling a great change coming through my “abilities” and feeling from them. I have been worrying about what it is because it is more of a nagging feeling like I need to pay attention to what is about to happen very soon and I can’t tell if it will be very good or very bad but it will be one of the extremes. I hate that constant feeling. Right before solstice I felt it more strongly and it had my senses on alert, but now it seems to be idle but still that weird feeling of what is to come. I may try to re read them tonight since I have done my majority of the reads in the day. See if the calm of the night can make things clearer.

TarotTrumps answers:

Well from what I hear, it means that you are at a turning point in your life. The minor arcana, in my opinion, means minor details. So maybe there is nothing minor right now that needs to be talked about. Another thing it could be is that your guides are trying to point out to you what major arcana card represents you at this time because it will give you great insight as to what you should be focused on right now.

My suggestion is to take out all the major arcana cards and work with them. Once you get a feeling for the message that you are getting, you can confirm it by using the other part of the deck that doesn’t have the major arcana in it.

I read this somewhere in a book on learning to use the tarot but I can’t remember the name of it.

My psychic vibe is that you are drawn to tarot right now for some details and wisdom about your own self exploration and that your guides are helping you to shed some light on your life path…which feels like big changes coming your way to me. Good ones, if you understand why they are happening. That is what the tarot is there for…for you.

I think it would help if you do a layout that has a ‘self’ position in it. I would be very interested to know which one it would be. I am thinking of a few…like The Star, The High Priestess and The Hermit….and the World….and the Sun.

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