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Your Questions About Major Arcana Tarot Cards

David asks…

Devil card of the major arcana of tarot. Write what you know and have experienced in the essence of this.?

Simple descriptions of the card. Insight into the descriptions.

TarotTrumps answers:

The devil shows a man and woman in chains, but the collars are loose about the neck, meaning they could get free if they wanted to.

This card represents the grip of the ego. Delusions of grandeur, self importance, want appearing as need. I always tell the person that the matter of choice is what will be the determining factor in whatever matter the card presents in.

William asks…

Wiccans what card in the major arcana of the Tarot represents you at this time in your life?

TarotTrumps answers:

The queen of swords. The hardships, i’ve had, in finding myself, and happiness in who i am. Great question. I know some people are so out of it they can’t take you or me serious. Yahoo answers. I tell ya.

Mary asks…

This question is for people who REALLY know about Tarot cards…?

I’ve been reading about Tarot cards and trying to gain some insight lately…

Okay, so Tarot cards that have a Major Arcana and a Minor Arcana are used for occult purposes, right? Am I right about this?

Please provide me with a clear answer.

TarotTrumps answers:

Tarot was originally used for card games in the 1400s. Playing cards were also evolved from these games (take out the major arcana and combine the page and knight into a jack and you got the modern playing deck). Occult purposes came later and was first mentioned in 1781.

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