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Your Questions About Major Arcana Tarot Cards

William asks…

Out of the Tarot’s major arcana…which card best fits your description and why ?

You may use any tarot deck that you choose…just decide and tell which one you could, or do, see yourself as ?
and also ,for added fun if you lived another life before this, or many..what persons might you be( and again use the major aracana to figure this out!)and tell why!

TarotTrumps answers:

Hi Anne,

A good question to get the mind working. The High Priestess, I think for the present. This card represents someone who is spiritual and psychic: an astrologer or teacher. She has instinct and insight and these might come through dreams, hunches, astrology etc. I am an astrologer, I share my knowledge with others and love to delve into the secrets of the subconscious. I have always been drawn to this card. The High Priestess holds a scroll of secret knowledge. Her crown, the Moon illustrates her willingness to share that knowledge and reveal secrets to those who might benefit from her wisdom. Behind her throne, a curtain leads to the deepest, darkest, mysterious areas. I love the mythic tarot. In this tarot deck the High Priestess is portrayed as Persephone descending a staircase into the Underworld.
As for a past life, I don’t know what card so I asked the cards and the first card I got was one of the major arcana: the World. I’m not sure how to interpret it but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. The Fool reaches the World card and realises that at the end of his journey, he is right back where he started. The world represents ‘accomplishment’ and the end of a cycle. A pause in life before the next cycle begins again with the Fool. So it could be that I have lived many times, reached the end of that cycle and in this life I am the Fool (not the High Priestess) at the start of a new cycle of incarnations. But then again, The High Priestess is only two cards away so maybe in this life I have been the Fool, I have been the Magician and now I’ve reached the High Priestess stage??? I shall stop rambling on .. This was a fun question.

Carol asks…

Please help with tarot cards?

I’m only a begginer at Tarot cards. I always forget which of major arcana cards corresponds to which zodiac, planet or element. Is it bad if I draw the symbols the cards to remind me??
Is it bad if I draw the symbols *on* the cards to remind me?? (sorry bout the typo)
it’s not me thumbing down :)

TarotTrumps answers:

Try keeping a tarot journal, writing the meaning of each card in the spread.

And yes, you can write on them, they are yours.

Maria asks…

tarot cards and there minor arcana?

I bought a 57 card deck by Robin Wood and I was wondering (me being a beginner) if it is totally necessary for me to have the major arcana at this time? I mean if I have the major arcana‘s as well does the readings become more serious or make a person need to be more alert?

TarotTrumps answers:

You can do readings with just the major arcana, or just the minor arcana, or with both. As a beginner i’d suggest learning each of them separately until you are really comfortable with them. For me personally, the major arcana tells of one’s journey, the process and/or phases of that journey. And within a reading i find that it indicates why one would be in that particular phase, how to cope with it, how to move on from it, and so on. The minor arcana really gets into specifics as to a situation/question. How one is viewing it, how it’ll work within the person’s life, the possible outcomes of the situation, the obstacles of the situation, etc.

Good luck!

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