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Your Questions About Major Arcana Meanings

Ken asks…

tarot cards..remembering all the cards.?

i have remembered all the cards meanings both Major and Minor Arcana. Any suggesions on tarot cards that could make me better?

TarotTrumps answers:

Memorizing the book meanings is one thing, but you really should work with each card and take notes on what they say to you. Pull one a day, or every few days as time allows, and meditate on it, take notes. Learning to really interpret the cards individually and then in respect to each other within a reading takes time and practice. The more you work with them, the easier it will come. They are, after all, a tool to help you with your personal growth.

Lisa asks…

is the minor arcana set in stone?(tarot)?

someone told me there were diffrent meanings between tarot cards, that a reading with more major would be less certain or vice versa, i am not quite sure… i had a reading with more minor arcana cards in my reading… is there little or MORE chance that they might change?

she said that one of them could change, the other was more certain… which one?

TarotTrumps answers:

If your reading contained more minor than major cards it is more likely that the reading pertained to your life right now. Major Arcana cards refer to the ‘life changing’ moments, minor arcana refer to the everyday, day to day things.

Also it isn’t so much that the cards will change as your choices that you make will. The cards can only advise…they can predict what will happen if you do ‘a’ but if you choose to do ‘b’…the cards will show a different scenario…of course.

Donna asks…

A question for tarot readers?

Do you believe that any of the Major Arcana are more significant than others?

Do you think any are less important?

Could the amount of Major Arcana in a deck be reduced by combining two or more of cards with the simaler meanings?

If so what would you call the replacement cards?
Try to tackle this question as though you were creating a new tarot deck for yourself.

TarotTrumps answers:

First off ALL of the cards live inside the Fool. So in some ways he is the ONLY card in the deck. It would however make it very hard to read :) While there are literally hundreds of decks out now, I have only found a few of them at all useful for reading. The corrospondences are very important for me and I use them for more than just divinatory purposes. While many of the decks are gorgeous if they do not follow a few basic guidelines for me, they do me no good other than as art.

Each of the Trumps (from the Roman Triumps – parades) represent a Hebrew letter and a path on the Tree of Life. To combine them or to omit them would throw the whole process out of balance. There are 3 Mother Letters representing the 3 ancient elements. There are 7 double letters representing the 7 ancient planets. Then there are 12 single letters representing the zodiac houses. The court cards are elemental and the pips are the sephiroth on the Tree of Life. So to get rid of one would cause some issues! They are not abritrary but there for very good reasons.

I read from the Thoth deck and while they may have been adjusted all are represented. A more important point of the Tarot is that each of the cards has an astral corrospondence. So each of those cards GOES somewhere. Somewhere specific.Moving them would cause serious issues.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!

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