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Your Questions About Major Arcana 5

Linda asks…

I’m new to tarot, and i need help interpreting a reading?

I used the Celtic Cross spread, using Major & Minor Arcana

Card 1:Two of Wands
Card 2: Six of Swords
Card 3: The Emperor
Card 4: The Fool
Card 5: The Empress
Card 6: Seven of Pentacles
Card 7: Ace of Pentacles
Card 8: Nine of Pentacles
Card 9: Knight of Wands
Card 10: King of Wands

TarotTrumps answers:

It doesn’t matter what it means to someone else, it matters what it means to you. Ultimately tarot, like prayer or meditation, is a means of connecting with your unconscious, not with some spirit realm or some collective unconscious or some god.

Richard asks…

Will you help me with this tarot spread?

Can you help me with this Celtic Spread?
I did a Celtic Spread. Will you help me? I’m new to Tarot and will be posting other questions. This question is to Tarotist. If you are not a tarotist please do not answer and no sarcasm is necessary.

I’m aware that there are a lot of versions of Celtic Cross Spreads. The method I followed was based on the book Karmic Tarot in which -

Position 1 That which covers me or favors me – 6 of Swords

Position 2 That which opposes me or what is in conflict with me (although some say, it’s what can also influence me for the better, I dunno) – Temperance.

Position 3 That which is above me – Life purpose, intuition speaking from future – 3 of Cups

Position 4 That which is below me – Past speaking of lessons learned or unlearned, Self Asserting itself from the past – 6 of Wands

Position 5 – The immediate past – King of Pentacles

Position 6 – The immediate future – 6 of cups

Position 7 – Projection of my potential Physical Plane (state of body), including health, work and home – 10 of Swords

Position 8 – Projection of my Emotional Plane (state of heart) including relationships and creative endeavors – The Empress

Position 9 – Projection of my potential Mental Plane (state of mind) including philosophy, belief systems and basis for decision making and goals – Justice

Position 10 – Projection of the Spiritual Plane (state of soul) – the future information from all previous positions – 8 of Wands.

3 major arcana
2 Swords
2 Cups
2 Wands
1 Pentacle

TarotTrumps answers:

I really do not like the Celtic Cross for this reason, it can be ambiguous. The simple bottom line of the reading is to go with your emotions and intuition rather than trying to overthink and control everything, Don’t be so serious.

Steven asks…

Rate my Twilight Deck Yugioh?

Now, i know most known Twilight decks run DaD and JD. But now this one, i guess its either considered a chaos deck, but i prefer Twilight. it scares ppl :P

Monsters: 30
LADD x 1
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys x 2
Spear Cretin x 3
Kaiser Sea Horse x 2
Peten the Dark clown x 3
Guardian Angel Joan x 1
Majestic Mech – Goryu x 1
Breaker the Magical Warrior x 1
Cyber Valley x 1
Sky Scourge Enrise x 1
Snipe hunter x 1
Prime material Dragon x 1
Arcana force VII – The Chariot x 2
Magician of Faith x 1 (banned i know)
Goka, The Pyre of Malice x 2
Caius the Shadow Monarch x 1
Marshmallon x 1
Dark horus x 1
Exiled force x 1
Jinzo x 1
old vindictive magician x 1
gorz the emissary of darkness x 1

Spells: 15
Allure of Darkness x 1
Enemy controller x 3
Star Blast x 3
Brain control x 1
Monster Reborn x 1
Shield Crush x 2
Monster Reincarnation x 2
book of moon x 1
tribute to the doomed x 1

Traps; 5
Divine Wrath x 1
Xing Zhen Hu x 2
Waboku x 1
Mirror force x 1

this deck is actaully extremely powerful and has a tier 1 deck possibility.
it has major field control and strong support

but i do wanna know what everyone else thinks.
what do you think can help this deck.

TarotTrumps answers:

GREAT JOBBBBB!!!! Only thing i would add would be a lightning vortex and a heavy storm to do big damage in one combo and have no surprises

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