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Your Questions About Free Tarot Card Spreads

Richard asks…

Do tarot readings come true?

I went online to a website that does free tarot readings and i was quite happy with my outcome. i did a 6 universal card spread. It was 100% accurate and really described how i felt. It said that someone was going to step into my life very soon. The outcome was “The lovers”. I have a feeling i know who that person is.

Do tarot readings come true?
Also, i didn’t read it. There was a description next to the cards.
Girl: what do you know about tarot cards?

TarotTrumps answers:

The way I use and understand tarot is that they are not failproof descriptions of absolute future events. They are tools to help you look into your likely possibilities for the future and an aide to re-think issues that arise… Like bouncing ideas off of a friend.

They only “come true” if you get an accurate, honest reading and don’t do anything to change the likely outcome.

The Lovers doesn’t necessarily mean that you will meet a handsome stranger who will sweep you off your feet (although sometimes it does). There are many interpretations for The Lovers in a future position, some include making an important decision, some mean making a serious compromise, sometimes it means simply growing up and taking responsibility… It really depends on the situation and what the reader sees in the card.

Ruth asks…

Weird Tarot reading?

At the beginning of the school year, my college had a festival and in which were tables from various student clubs. One was from the Pagan association, and they were offering free tarot readings. I got my reading, and the person said it was very odd, and couldn’t explain it as she had never seen it before. unfortunately, I don’t remember what kinds, but I had gotten three cards in the basic tarot spread, of Queens upside down. I realize the type makes all the difference, but I cannot remember at all. Anyone have any insight of what this could possibly mean?

TarotTrumps answers:

It means the your lucky you didnt spend $ on that reading

Robert asks…

Would someone be willing to do a very simple, quick tarot reading for me via email (for free)?

I wish that I owned my own tarot cards and that I knew how to read them, this way I wouldn’t have to bother asking (and I would just use one of the online places, but they can be ridiculously confusing on large spreads and vague on small ones).

If you’d be willing to do a simple, quick tarot card reading for me (just regarding one question) please let me know! :)
I can email you and I would be SO grateful! Thanks!

TarotTrumps answers:

I’ll do it. You can edit your answer here, or send me an email. I do a 3-card spread (each card carrying equal weight) and I like to key in on your astrological sign, or favorite number. Please also tell me if you have a specific question, or if it’s a general reading. I’ll wait to hear from you.

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