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Your Questions About Angel Card Spreads

Nancy asks…

I picked an angel card and it was upside down, does this change the message?

I was doing the Star Spread, and the card that symbolized “What is yet to unfold” said:

“Your guardian angel never deserts you-a silken web of love is wound tightly around you.”

The card was upside down, does that mean the meaning is reversed? If so then what exactly IS the meaning? Also, I picked one card twice, that said “The lines on your face are a map of your knowledge of life-think how lost you would be without it.” Does that mean that I should pay extra attention to that card? Thanks!!

TarotTrumps answers:

It depends on whether or not you want to do a reading using inverses. Some readers use inverses, some don’t.

James asks…

Gambling is proven to be a destructive habit. Why does the government that is supposed to care, encourage it ?

A gambler thinks that by luck or chance combined with his manipulation of the material energy, he can win more wealth and thus enjoy more sense gratification. He thinks he can get something for nothing. He thinks, “I can beat the odds and win some new pleasure. I just have to hit the right number, pull the right card, spin the right digit.” In this way, he discounts the natural laws of God.

The term “chance” in gambling is a denial of God’s control and the law of karma. The gambler thinks that there is a loophole somewhere in the system or no system at all. He believes himself independent and thinks that there are no laws governing pleasure. He thinks he can abrogate the will of the Supreme.

The gambling industry takes advantage of people’s weaknesses. It preys on those who can afford it the least – persons with low incomes.
Well over a million compulsive gamblers live in America alone and the number is predicted to shortly rise over three million.¬ They used to build treatment centers for heroin addicts. Now they are building them for the compulsive gamblers.
The increase in gambling represents a decline in moral values and the work ethic. “Gambling’s get-rich-quick appeal appears to mock capitalism’s core values: Disciplined work habits, thrift, prudence, adherence to routine and the relationship between effort and reward,” concludes the Twentieth Century Fund, a New York research group, in a study of legalized betting.
Crime and cheating are often linked to gambling, especially in the form of bribery and game fixing.
Everyone gambles to win and may go to great lengths to win – even farther than most of us know.
Gambling breeds an attitude of contempt for human life. Example: In the intensive care unit of Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, employees were betting on how long critically ill patients would live. Some of the employees were overly anxious about their bets, and would tamper with the oxygen supplies or other life support systems of heavily wagered patients. One nurse in particular, who styled herself, “The angel of Death,” allegedly turned off equipment on at least six critically ill patients.
Compulsive gamblers can destroy their families and sometimes even end their lives with suicide. One expert’s description of compulsive gamblers: “They run into enormous financial difficulties borrowing or even stealing from others, including their families. Heavy debt is a constant fact of life for compulsive gamblers. They sleep poorly, and are indifferent towards eating and affection. They may drink a good deal, and they’re tense and irritable. They even consider suicide. But they always think about the next bet.”
Gambling can be a more powerful addiction than drugs.
Gambling cultivates greed, attachment, possessiveness, and an obsession with money.

Four Boston College basketball players have been sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for taking bribes to reduce their team’s score so that gamblers could beat the point spreads.
Baltimore Colts quarterback Art Schilchter went to the FBI after losing $389,000 to illegal bookmakers by betting on games.
A police report prompted the New York Times to editorialize that the casinos “are providing easy credit to gangsters and letting compulsive gamblers destroy themselves.”
Two officials of the Pennsylvania lottery were convicted of perjury and theft by injecting liquid weight into numbered table tennis balls so that only two of the 10 could be blown up to a plastic tube by a machine that selected the winning number.
One survey of police enforcement of gambling laws found that 80% of the police believe that profits from illegal gambling are used to finance other illegal activities such as loan-sharking and drug distribution. In half of the sample cities, local independent criminal organizations were said to control gambling operations.
Sports bookies are often cited as the main source of bribes to police, prosecutors, and local politicians. In his New Complete Guide to gambling, John Scarne reports: “No other form of illegal gambling .. enjoys such effective police and political protection as illegal bookmaking.” Police prosecutors reply that gambling has low priority because the public doesn’t consider it a serious offense and as few as 2 percent of police officer’s cases result in prosecution.

TarotTrumps answers:

Dear friend Gaura,
A human being should decide and find out the good way to live in the human lifetime on the earth.

The government gives the choice to each human being by making it freely available and legal to all the human beings in the human society on the earth.

Ken asks…

I’m proposing to my GF on Christmas in Italy. Advice??

I’m taking my girlfriend of 5 years to Italy for Christmas. She’s always wanted to go and I told her that is my Christmas present for her…what she doesn’t know is that there is more…I plan on proposing at exactly midnight on Christmas. This is the way I plan on asking her to marry me. Let me know what you think about it or what I can add to make it more romantic. Here is the plan:

Spend the entire day outside in Italy, doing new and exciting things. Take her to a store near the hotel, sneak out of the store and into the hotel room, set everything up and then take her out to eat and at the end of the meal tell her that I need to make a phone call, go back to the hotel room to add a few more things and then call her and tell her that something happened and she needs to get back to the hotel, fast. I’ll turn off all the lights and have a bunch on lit candles lined up with the wall and a small card sitting on the table with a message that says. “Follow my kisses.” There will be trail of heresy kisses leading to the bathroom and in the tub there will be rose petals floating in the water and in the middle of the tub there will an empty bottle with a note inside. On the bottle I will attach a small piece of paper that says, “Reach inside, my love.” The message inside the bottle will say, “Follow my heart, my angel.” There will be chocolate hearts wrapped in red foil leading to the balcony door. Near the balcony door is a nightstand and there will be a single rose with a card lying on the stem. The card will say, “You look stunning underneath the moonlight. Join me on the balcony.” I’ll be standing in the corner on the balcony while holding a rose in one hand and a glass of champagne in another. I’ll make a toast and tell her how much she means to me and how she makes me feel sorry for every other man out there because I took the most amazing woman and tell her my dream is for her to grant me the honor taking her off the market permanently. I’ll get down on one knee and tell her I love her and take her hand and put it on top of the rose, I’ll spread the petals apart to reveal an engagement ring and then I’ll ask her to marry me.

TarotTrumps answers:

That sounds perfect! I hope that it goes well :D And congrats!!

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