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Wisdom of Tarot – The Golden Dawn Tarot Series 1

It is with great excitement that we introduce the first volume of the ‘The Golden Dawn Tarot Series’, a collection of distinguished books on Tarot written by leaders of the Golden Dawn Tradition. The first book of this series, ‘Wisdom of Tarot’, represents some of Paul Foster Case’s earliest thoughts on the subject. Though almost two decades will pass before the publication of Paul’s masterpiece, ‘The Tarot, A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages’, all of his essential thought can be found in these pages as well as additional material that has not been available to the public for over 75 years. This book, and its more advanced companion, ‘Tarot Revelations’, were originally distributed as ‘Tarot Instruction, Section First’ and ‘Tarot Instruction, Section Second’. These texts followed Sections A, B, C, and D and came before the ‘Hermetic Alchemy: Science and Practice’ course in the original ‘School of Ageless Wisdom’ course curriculum. Sections A, B, C, and D were recently published as ‘The Early Writings, Volume 1 and 2’ by the Fraternity of the Hidden Light; ‘Hermetic Alchemy: Science and Practice’ was recently published by the Rosicrucian Order of the Golden Dawn as the second volume in the ‘The Golden Dawn Alchemy’ series. With the publication of these texts, the entire course curriculum of Paul Foster Case, as distributed by the School of Ageless Wisdom, is now available to students of the Golden Dawn Tradition.

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2 comments on “Wisdom of Tarot – The Golden Dawn Tarot Series 1

  1. A “One on One’ with a Master of the Tarot As a student of the Hermetic Sciences for most of my life, I have read many works on Tarot. Over the last 20 years, books on the Tarot, which were once quite rare, are everywhere. Almost everyone has heard of the Tarot today. Unfortunately, the vast majority of books that have been published on the Tarot are very superficial overviews, with a primary and mundane focus on divination. As a result, most people today associate the Tarot with New Age hocus pocus. Among the authors who have written seriously about the deeper, spiritual significance of the Tarot, Paul Foster Case stands out as one of the world’s greatest authorities. I have read much of Paul Cases material, both his published works as well as lessons from the organization he created to disseminate his teachings, the Builders of the Adytum (BOTA), and this is one of his best.”Wisdom of Tarot” is a fairly comprehensive, but fundamental treatise on the major arcana of the Tarot. Like his “Tarot, A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages”, which was published by BOTA in 1947, “Wisdom of the Tarot” identifies the various correspondences for each Key, (astrological, numerological, etc,) as well as the significance of the colors, images and symbols that are contained in each Key. His correspondences in this work are not exhaustive, but certainly thorough.The great thing about this book is that, unlike “…A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages”, which is presented in a very dry, business-like format, “Wisdom of Tarot” is written in a very personal style. The reader feels a personal student/teacher relationship with Dr. Case, when reading this book. In this regard, it is much more similar to the style Dr. Case used in his BOTA lessons, nurturing the student along the way, with explanations and exercises to facilitate the student’s understanding and growth. I much prefer this style to the dry style of “Key to the Wisdom of the Ages.”Reading this volume was a fantastic experience. It was a thorough review of every thing I learned in the fundamental BOTA lessons on the Tarot, which were spoon fed to me over many months. Now, here is all that information in a single bound volume of about 200 pages. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret at all that in my experience with BOTA the material was disseminated so slowly. I first joined BOTA in the 1960s, and at that time, there were very few organizations and publications that provided occult teachings on a large scale to anyone who wanted to learn. BOTA was there for the sincere student, and each lesson came with exercises to be performed until the next lesson arrived. I’m very grateful to BOTA.Today, we are lucky to be living in a different time where so much is being released on the Tarot – not just superficial materials on fortune telling, but serious works by greats such as Dr Case. I am very grateful to the publisher for making this work available to everyone. It is a wonderful “one on one” review of Tarot correspondences and interpretation in a very personal style.

  2. Learning and Mastering the Tarot in Depth In the hermetic studies there are few adepts who have written so extensively and exclusively about the hidden dimensions and spiritual depths of Tarot. Those that have crossed the subject before have at most given a general description of the cards and their use in making divinations, talismans or meditations. They have taken a “superficial” look at the cards and their many meanings. In Wisdom of Tarot Paul Foster Case opens the Hidden Depths of Tarot to the reader and shows the True and Invisible foundation on which their symbolism and consciousness changing properties are derived. A famous adept from the past once said that if the initiate was on a stranded island with nothing but the tarot, and had knowledge on how to unlock the potential of the cards, that they could return to civilization with full proficiency on all subjects both mundane and spiritual. The Tarot can encompass a lifetime of study for it contains the knowledge of the full operations of the Life Force; Case has sowed the way in Tarot Wisdom to assist us in our personal quest for Truth hidden in the Tarot.This book encompasses the entire significance held by each card. By studying the cards in their full depth using the lessons within Wisdom of Tarot as a guide, one is able to connect to that inner and virginal source by which the cards draw their power. Case takes the initiate through the Major Arcana driving to the spiritual core and lessons of each card. He shows the reader with full transparency the application each card has to life’s mysteries and guides us to our own answers. I highly recommend this book for the seasoned occultists as well as the seeker on the path who truly wishes to master a priceless tool that the ignorant take as nothing but cards, but the wise take as a precious gift from God.

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