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Wars and Rumors of Wars

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Wars and Rumors of Wars

2009 release from the Metalcore monsters. The Chariot have never been a band comfortable with the status quo. Wars And Rumors Of Wars will tip the scales and push the limits of what modern Metalcore can accomplish in the span of just 10 songs. The band’s 2007 epic sophomore full length, The Fianc‚e, saw the band trade it’s signature chaotic charm of 2005′s Everything Is Alive… and dish out a more focused and brutal brand of chaos. Wars And Rumors Of Wars takes this new direction even further

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    undeniable presence, unfaltering image, phenomenal performance., May 6, 2009
    This review is from: Wars and Rumors of Wars (Audio CD)

    as a close friend once told me about one of our favorite bands “mewithoutYou”….

    “it’s like a fine wine, a great number of people won’t be into it, but upon repeated listening, or even a glimpse of motivation towards this kind of music, and you’ll be hooked – you’ll soon know how brilliant it really is…”

    i believe this kind of goes towards the chariot’s 3rd full-length album, titled; “wars & rumors of wars”.

    first off, if you’re new to the chariot, or have never heard of them, heed the warning anyone will give you;

    1. start from the beginning, and end in the end. their albums go in order, and it’s important to listen to that. if you must, start with luti-kriss, work your way through “bless the martyr…” by norma jean, and finally into the cha-cha-cha-chaaariot’s first debt “Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing Nothing Is Dead and Nothing Is Bleeding”

    2. listen to any of their music twice in a row. it’s almost necessary. you know what i thought of their debut? i hated it. it was noisy, WAY too much feedback, and had horrible production. and as another reviewer once said about the chariot… one day you’ll have your playlist going, and some random song by them will pop up, and you’ll ask yourself “who is this, and where can i find more?!” – only to find that they were that band you used to hate…

    i’ve done this several times, but that was several years ago. 2004 to be exact. and upon hearing a few songs from norma jean’s “bless the martyr…” i started to see similarities in the music, however a much more chaotic grain-of-salt involved with the debut by the chariot.

    i may be rambling here, but i think i have discovered a point.

    the chariot is the most visceral of music you will ever come by. dare i say they’re more visceral than slipknot? of course, this raises all sorts of arguments like “slipknot sucks!” “you’re a hater!” but that is not the point of the matter. anyone who’s heard slipknot or seen them live, know that they never lack on performance. and like any rock or metal band, they strive to perform well, and perform for their fans [hopefully].

    the chariot is like surviving a hurricane – while on the toilet – just to find out their is a tornado in the middle of it.

    there are so many ways to explain the insanity of their music, but you have to let it grow on you. their live performance is what lead vocalist, josh scogin, has once said that they strive for more than anything else. and seeing them live is nowhere near boring! slinging their guitars around, josh screaming in what seems like agony – but you can tell they enjoy it.

    and the best part?

    these dudes are the nicest gentlemen you’ll see in the “rock-n-roll” business. they come from the south, and bring humbling attitudes into a music unknown to most. their lyrics are poetic in nature, humbling, and sometimes convicting. they’re HOPEFUL, and that is something hard to find these days.

    with this third release, we find a different course taken by the chariot, one that went a little back to the original style of recording off of their debut; recording from the start, and finishing in the end – but recording completely LIVE.

    josh scogin has known to do this, especially on his first appearance with norma jean’s “bless the marytr…” – it brings back the special analog feel that most vinyls & lp’s give you. and lets you feel like you’re breathing the music in, instead of pumping synthetic crap through your veins.

    in the end, the chariot’s “wars & rumors of wars” gives you the feeling of chopping wood all day; you’re sweaty, your arms hurt, but you feel like you accomplished something. you actually feel like you went through the same discoveries they have sung and scream about. and i think that is a great deal of the point in the end.

    their music holds nothing back, they let things go instead of tweaking them obsessively! this brings an authenticity that is very hard to find in the metal genre of music. i would even say their music is more noise/experimental than metal. but indeed, they do have that metal touch.

    without further ado, i believe you should just go pick this album up. no amount of words can ever describe the full awesomeness that is the chariot. they’re terrifying, amazing, and jaw-dropping!

    oh and did i mention how glorious the packaging is?
    they hand stamped their artwork on all 25,000 albums. in just a few nights.
    when i ordered mine, it was numbered “5,725 out of 25,000″ -
    yup, that is exactly what it looks like;

    every album, online or at best buy, or wherever you get it,
    is 100% authentic, signed & handled by the artist themselves!

    now, where are you going to get authenticity like that in today’s industry?

    go pick up the chariot’s “wars & rumors of wars” today,
    and grab…

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    War is only skin deep. This album, however, digs much deeper. 4.5/5, May 9, 2009
    Map_Of_The_Problematique (Grayson, KY USA) –

    This review is from: Wars and Rumors of Wars (Audio CD)

    Just as I start off almost all of my reviews, I would like to say that only two albums I have come across in my days have earned a straight 5 stars for me. I can’t stand it when people say every other album is 5 star worthy. To be 5 stars it must be FLAWLESS. So, a 4.5 for me is a HUGE deal. Anyway, on to the review.

    ‘Wars…’ was at the number two position for my most anticipated albums slated to release this year. I was not expecting anything but quality material. And let me tell you something, this record is full of almost nothing but just that.

    The album opens with my personal favorite track from the disc. That does not mean that it is the most technically proficient, innovative or unique track, it just simply means it’s my favorite. ‘Teach:’ is such a jarring and uproarious opener. I believe someone referred to it as a “brutal waltz”. I think that is as close to a perfect description as I can think of explain the song. The beginning of ‘Teach:’ is great, but from 1:05 on is where the money is at. Lets just put it this way…the build-up and release is ALMOST as powerful and engaging as the end of ‘The Deaf Policeman’, from their sophmore album, The Fiancee. Hearing Scogin yell,”I refuse to breathe the breath of the failure!” right before the release at the end is enough to give anyone chills. Quality through and through.

    ‘Evolve.’ continues the stuttering insanity that was introduced to you via ‘Teach:’. This may be Scogins’ shining moment as a vocalist on this album. He has not been this in-your-face since the beginning of his career. This track may also be drummer David Kennedeys’ shining moment, as well. It’s high-speed and sporadic, yet so amazingly controlled. ‘Need:’ is a short little ditty that is certainly the most fast paced, energetic and punk-influenced song on this CD. Although it is not my favorite from the album, it is still a very good song, and would be a KILLER song live, I guarantee. Also the ending statement from the song, “We…we built this on love” is pretty powerful.

    ‘Impress’ opens with just as much intensity as ‘Need:’ did, yet at right around :25 the mood of the song totally changes. Josh quits singing altogether and then Russell and Vokey unleash some amazing riffage reminiscent of ‘The Bullet Never Lies…’ from their first album. That song being one of my all time favorites from The Chariot, one would think this would be one of my favorites from the CD, right? The only problem is that right about the middle of the track, everything drops out except for one guitar plucking a couple of notes…then it continues all the way to the end. I hate complaining like that, because I know there was a reason for them doing it. Maybe a certain mood they wanted to capture. Whatever it is it’s still pretty cool, I just would have preferred something different.

    ‘Never I’ is a STELLAR track in every way. One of the strongest and most solid tracks in their history as a band. It has the most straight-forward bludgening dual guitar assault they have ever crated at the end of the song. That is, right before the Andy Griffith-esque whistling comes in out of nowhere. This track also includes my favorite lyric from the entire record: ‘Take rest my love, because the thief is blessed with sounding bells.’

    ‘Giveth’, much like ‘Forgive Me, Nashville’ from The Fiancee, is the only track that has anything remotely similar to a chorus on the entire album. ‘Giveth’ is such a stronger track, though. Catchy and powerful at the same time. The ending is also insanely epic and moving. To me, ‘Abandon’ is the most unique and experimental track on this disc. Some people may find it dull or boring, but to me it is almost like a work of art. The slowly building guitars at the beginning are somehow elegant and raw, simultaneously. Once Scogins’ voice kicks in you can just feel the emotion pouring from his body. And when he screams, ‘I don’t know your name, but I know your face…’, at the climax of the song, it may be the overall highlight of the CD.

    ‘Daggers’ is the obvious choice for the first single. Everything about it is incredibly solid. It features some of Scogins’ best yelps and it just bleeds emotion the whole way through. There is no denying its catchiness, either. Everyone is in top form here. This is the track I suggest you download if you are interested in this album. It has all the best of what the Chariot does. ‘Oversea’ is under a minute long, and it gets right to the point. Nothing really special about it, but it does feature some pretty sweet track reversal at the end.

    ‘Mrs. Montgomery Alabama iii’ is an excellent way to end the album, if you ask me. This track includes some of my favorite bass and guitar work the Chariot has ever done. Courtesy of Mr. Kindler and Mr. Vokey. You think the song is going to end at around 3 minutes, but then it kicks right back in and never lets up until the full six minutes are…

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  3. 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Perfect for Chariot fans, very good for all metal fans, May 8, 2009
    Peter D (Andover, MN) –

    This review is from: Wars and Rumors of Wars (Audio CD)

    The Cha Cha Cha Riot have returned with their third full length release: Wars and Rumors of Wars. Other reviewers have already gushed over this album so I’ll point out a few things that haven’t been said, including some criticism. I’ll start with the positive.

    First, Josh Scogin has the best voice in the business, and he’s in top form on this record. He’s never used any vocal enhancements in the past (that I know of, anyhow) and I don’t believe he is on this record, but his lyrics are delivered gorgeously. I can’t say enough about the emotion he puts into each song.

    Second, the album sounds like a live performance. It’s not overly sloppy or anything, but it definitely isn’t perfect the way nearly all metal albums are these days. Wars is not over-produced, but mixed and mastered well enough to let it shine. The feedback and other such imperfections keep the album honest, and it’s refreshing to listen to. You get 5 guys playing their instruments, not computers.

    For these reasons and more (see other reviews for some), the album is certainly worth owning for anyone who is a fan of The Chariot, Norma Jean’s first (and, in my opinion, best) album [Bless The Martyr, Kiss the Child], or who enjoys heavy music and is looking for something new. I got mine for $7.99.

    Now the bad. Note: this is nitpicky stuff that doesn’t matter much to me, but I understand that other people might want to know about it.

    First, you remember me mentioning I got the album for 7.99? Well, the value isn’t as good as it sounds (in terms of dollars/minute) because Wars clocks in at 30 minutes, 28 seconds. Even then, there is some material that many would consider ‘filler’ (although I personally think most of it adds to the overall feeling the album seems to be going for). The last track’s filler, however, dissappointed me. The track is listed as 6:00 long, and I was looking forward to an epic similar to Bless the Martyr’s 5th track ‘Pretty Soon, I Don’t Know What, But Something Is Going To Happen’ or ‘And Then, Came Then’, off The Chariot’s first album. Instead, I got another 3 minute song with 3 minutes of acceptably interesting noise at the end. It’s not terrible, but I felt let down. Those 3 minutes the song lasts, however, are 3 of the best minutes on the album.

    Secondly, I’m not a huge fan of the other members of The Chariot having vocal parts. They do fine and all, but compared to Scogin they don’t add much to the songs. I know it has to happen to get all the lyrics in live, and I really don’t mind all that much, I’m just pointing it out.

    In short, it’s a solid album with moments of brilliance. I’m thrilled with the release and believe that most metal fans would not regret adding it to their collection.

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