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Vision Quest

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2 comments on “Vision Quest

  1. Good, Over-looked 80s Soundtrack I didn’t really like the movie, Vision Quest, but the soundtrack is really good. It’s likely to appeal to two audiences: 1) Madonna fans, and 2) 80s rock fans. There’s a nice balance between pop (Madonna, Style Council), pop-rock (Journey, John Waite, Foreigner), and hard-rock (Dio, Red Rider). Of course, everyone’s probably heard Madonna’s “Crazy for You,” which was her first hit ballad (unless you include “Borderline”). It still sounds great, and is really quite beautiful and sweet. You may not, however, have heard her second song on the soundtrack – “Gambler.” It’s more of an up-beat pop song. Although it’s clearly not one of her best efforts, I think that this soundtrack is the only place to get it. My other favorite song on the CD is Dio’s “Hungry for Heaven.” I’m not a Dio fan, but this song is more melodic and poppy than most of their stuff – it’s really great. If you like other 80s soundtracks (e.g., Flashdance, Footloose), you’ll probably really enjoy “Vision Quest.”

  2. A Great Psyche Tape Well, back in high school I had the tape. I used to listen to it on the way to cross-country meets to get psyched up. There’s just not a bad tune on this album. “Only The Young” is the greatest song Journey ever recorded. It was also the last one they recorded with the line-up from the Frontiers album. I also consider it the best song on this album. But all of them are worth a listen.

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