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Vintage Nudes Playing Cards

Each of the fifty-four unique images on this standard-size playing card deck captures an instant in time, giving us a glimpse of beautiful women from the distant past. The images are feminine, sensual, and enchanting. Fun for lovers, artists, costume designers, historians, burlesque performers, and anyone who appreciates timeless beauty.

Product Features

  • 54 Unique images
  • Enchanting, classy, delight vintage nudes
  • Gorgeous back image
  • Luscious linen finish
  • Sturdy shrink-wrapped tuck box

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One comment on “Vintage Nudes Playing Cards

  1. Maybe the best pack of playing cards ever! These are quite wonderful…I bought these cards after buying (and loving) the same people’s Vintage Erotica Tarot. Compared with the tarot cards, these playing cards are much smaller and carry much smaller images. On the plus side of that, the price is also smaller. The images on both sets of cards, from the early 20th century, are beautiful and tender. The pictures make me wonder what went wrong with erotica as the 20th century progressed and gave way to the 21st. The images also make me wonder about the women depicted. What kind of lives did they live? Were they happy? Did they have children? Are their children, and grandchildren, alive today? I suppose that most of the women lived through two world wars, and knew some very hard times. (I think that most of the photographs were probably taken in Paris… which, of course, the Germans occupied in 1940.) I hope that these lovely young women found a measure of peace, contentment and fulfillment. Such are the thoughts these cards inspire in me. They make me feel melancholy, expectant and hopeful. And that, I think, is more than one can reasonably expect of playing cards.In ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ Alice says: “Who cares for you? You’re nothing but a pack of cards.” But I find myself caring for these, very much.If, like me, you appreciate these cards, you would do very well to seek out the tarot cards as well. Highly recommended.

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