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Victoria Regina Tarot Companion

The VICTORIA REGINA TAROT brings to life the fascinating art of engravings used in late 19th-century commercial illustration. It is the work of collage done in black and white, providing a sepia-tinted glimpse into another time, yet containing messages for our time. The accompanying guidebook includes a description of each card, its interpretation, and notes on the sources.

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3 comments on “Victoria Regina Tarot Companion

  1. A Modern Classic I’d seen pictures of this deck on-line before I bought it. It intrigued me, since I love collage and I love tarot. The line engraving-based montages reminded me a bit of Max Ernst. I wasn’t sure about the pens for wands, the clocks for disks, etc, though. I’d planned to buy this mostly out of curiosity as an addition to my collection.But when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. The pens and clocks made perfect sense, and this was the first time I’d ever gotten a deck that looked better in my hands than on the web. (I’ve been so disappointed by so many decks before!) This is a wonderful, original contemporary deck. The aesthetic standard of so many decks is so low, it was a delight to get one in which the pictures on the cards were truly Art in their own right. But, that is not all! The whole package is beautiful. For once I got something that felt like better value than what I’d paid for. There is the nice velvet bag, and the book is substantial–well researched and informative. As well as providing little historical tidbits about Victorian society, it gives background for some of the sources of the images on some of the cards. It also has a very nice essay about collage and making your own collage deck in the back. It is obvious that the creator(s) has genuine love and passion for the medium as well as for tarot, and wants others to experience the same joy. I can’t say enough good things about this one. It is intelligent and raises the level of tarot artwork to a new standard. It should become a modern classic.

  2. A deck you keep coming back to – beautiful and thoughtful The thing that everyone always tells you first about this deck is that it’s black and white – which may sound less lavish than a full colour deck.

  3. Charmed… This wonderful new deck has it all…Beauty, quality and uniqueness that make it really stand out. This is a collage deck, created from Victorian-era clip art. Even if you are not a fan of collage, this deck will steal your heart. The artist has so seamlessly and skilfully merged these images, that it is difficult to identify as collage. The images are nostaligic and yet modern. It is based on the Rider-Waite system and very easy to read with. It comes with a wonderfully written (and interesting!) book, and a lovely and surprisingly high-quality velvet bag. I love it and can’t recommend it enough!

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