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Ultimate Home Horoscope & Tarot (4 CD-ROM)

This four-CD-ROM set includes Birth Horoscope Interpreter, Tarot Magic, The Art of Palmistry, and The Oracle of Changes. All four discs combine modern technology and graphics with ancient wisdom and mysticism.

Birth Horoscope Interpreter communicates the principles of astrology in a way that is easily understood. The movement of planets around the birth horoscope is thought to identify changes and trends; this program explains how planetary changes will affect you. It includes an interactive astrological wheel diagram, detailed interpretations, animated sequences, and planetary and house cusp-position grids

Tarot Magic teaches the essence of each card and 10 spreads, with four-level professional interpretations for every reading. Interpretations explain the meaning of each card relative to its position in a spread. In addition, the program’s card shuffling uses precise mathematics. There is also the option to use your own deck. You can choose from 10 beautiful decks, and save or print out each reading. There are also 16 essays about the history of tarot and recent developments in its practice.

The Art of Palmistry is designed to shed light on your unique personality and future. Palmistry originated in China and India more than 3,000 years ago; this disc combines the resources of palmistry’s rich history with contemporary multimedia features. It features palm simulation for accurate readings, explanations for every line and other topographical markings, and a glossary of more than 60 terms and definitions.

The Oracle of Changes replicates traditional I Ching practices. If, like psychologist Carl Jung, you seek the wisdom of the world’s ancient oracle, this is a good resource for learning the art of the I Ching. It includes 4,096 solutions to life’s problems, and allows you to save and/or print your readings in the Changes Journal.

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2 comments on “Ultimate Home Horoscope & Tarot (4 CD-ROM)

  1. this is just okay… This is better than just buying tarot magic, it includes tarot magic and 3 other packages, but the information is quite basic and general, I was disappointed. It’s interesting and could be fun I guess. I gave it three stars because of how much you get for the price…

  2. The Bests Tarot Readings Everytime This is great for beginners and advanced readers. Great for also refreshing memory of cards and positions. Palmistry is great too and so is the Iching. Great Study Tool

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