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Tristan Morell’s Tarot & Psychic Development Course

Welcome to Tristan Morell’s Tarot & Psychic Development Course. The mystic and secretive art of reading the Arcanum has been a fascination for many thousands over many centuries.
If you are one of those with this same curiosity then internationally famed clairvoyant and spiritual mentor, BBC TV Presenter and Virgin Radio Presenter, Tristan Morell will take you on a journey through each and every card of the tarot pack.
He will explain how best to draw out prophetic visions and enable you to guide those that come seeking advice. Through detailed storytelling and interpretation you will gain a deep and intimate understanding of how to interpret the symbolism of the cards themselves and combine this with your innate intuition in order to continually deliver accurate and descriptive readings every single time.

Product Features

  • An interoduction to the the Chakras and spiritual Self Protection
  • An in depth investigation into every single card of the Major Arcana
  • A detailed and absorbing narrative journey through each of the four suits of the Minor Arcana
  • A section covering the fundamentals of laying the cards and reading them accurately
  • Tipping the cap to Pamela Colman Smith and a journey through the Rider Waite deck

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