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The Video Fortune Teller – Tarot, Crystal Ball and Spirit Board

The Video Fortune Teller is an interactive DVD that will uncover secrets and reveal the future. Madame Mazunicar, your personal psychic advisor will guide you through several pathways to determine your fortune. Unlock your mind and receive unlimited Tarot readings, and discover information about your Past, Present and Future. Also included is a Crystal Ball reading, where Madam Mazunicar can interpret answers to all of your questions. In addition, there is a virtual Spirit Board that will allow you to seek personal guidance. Plus a special bonus section for more psychic fun. Above all, you will discover that the Video Fortune Teller can provide hours of entertainment to you and your friends. Performance may vary depending on model of DVD player. Not compatible with Cyber Home DVD players Model CH-DVD 300.

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2 comments on “The Video Fortune Teller – Tarot, Crystal Ball and Spirit Board

  1. Clear Guidance and Teaching This is a professionally produced DVD with very easy to use features. Randomly chosen tarot cards create different combinations with each reading. Interpretations of tarot cards were clear and concise.The crystal ball is more fun than the old magic 8 ball. The psychic test using 8 common symbols is a good exercise for intuitive/psychic development. See if you can figure out the card trick, it is a trick I won’t give away!

  2. Fun and Informative This DVD is feature packed, it’s a lot of fun to learn about Tarot as the DVD give you as many readings as you like, and yeah!.. Somehow they have figured out how make a DVD do “real” individual Tarot readings! The additional features like the crystal ball and spirit board are fun too! ( kinda like the magic eight ball.. at the very least, good for a laugh with friends ) The extra features section has two games that are quite mind blowing.. A great card trick that I can’t begin to figure out, it really reads you mind! And a “sixth sense” type card guessing game that is fun to play with groups of friends. Overall, a great buy, and loads of fun! (cool music too!)

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