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The Tarot Trumps and The Holy Grail

Have you wondered about images on the Tarot trump cards: the Pope, the Tower, the Sun, the Hanged Man? Where did they come from? Who made them up? Did they have a life before they became associated with fortune telling?

Independent scholar Margaret Starbird has spent years researching the stories of the Holy Grail. The accidental discovery of a book on Tarot and research which began to signal links between the cards and the Grail story have led to a fascinating book “The Tarot Trumps and the Holy Grail.”

The book reveals the strong link between the trump cards of the tarot deck and the medieval heresy of the Holy Grail. The adherents of the Grail heresy believed that Jesus was married, that his wife and child found political refuge in Gaul and that the bloodline of Jesus survived in Europe.

These cards, a visual catechism, were the means by which devout believers secretly shared the hidden message of the continuation of the line of Jesus.

What messages do these cards contain which still may have meaning for those of us who continue the search for the divine feminine in our own lives?

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