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The Tarot Shaman: Connect to Your Animal Spirit with Tarot (Gated Spreads of Tarot Book 1)

The Tarot Shaman is a totally new way of using Tarot cards suitable for all levels! In this book you will learn to

Go on a unique tarot walk
Find a power spot
and Connect to your personal animal spirit.

You will also build a tarot dreamcatcher and mandala to use to honor your animal spirit – all just using a tarot deck!

The Tarot Shaman is part of a unique 6-book Tarot series published by award-winning and #1 top-selling tarot authors Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin.

In this 1-week method you can experience – with nothing more than any 78-card tarot deck – new ways of working with the invisible knots that bind the universe of your everyday life. In the process you will also deepen your skills at reading tarot!

You will use the simple series of “gated spreads” to carry out tarot card readings and make changes in your life based on these spreads.

If you are an absolute beginner, the book also contains a link to our unique FREE 22-page guide to tarot card meanings and 9 basic spreads for further practice.

The Tarot Shaman has been used by many students over the last few years and has been written based on – and including – their experiences. Now you get to share the magical journey!

You may also like to join your national Tarosophy Tarot Association at www.tarotassociation.net for further courses, free members tarot magazine and much more.

Check out & collect the whole series of Gated Spreads of Tarot:

1. The Tarot Shaman: Contact Your Animal Spirit
2. The Gates of Valentine: Understand & Deepen Your Relationships
3. The Resurrection Engine: Use Kabbalah & Tarot to Change Your Life
4. The Palace of the Phoenix: Use Alchemy to discover the secrets of Nature
5. The Garden of Creation: Use the Tarot to write stories, poems and more.
6. The Ghost Train: Explore your Past and create your Future.

And coming soon … Enter the Temples of the Gods!

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