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The Tarot: Our Guide on the Open Road

A 66,000-word companion to the major trumps of the Rider-Waite deck for those who want to give straight answers to straight questions.

Someone wants to know what will happen at work, or with their spouse, or child or some other person. Maybe they’re interested in improving conditions. We would all like to know things like this now and again, so these are legitimate questions and don’t have to be re-worded. The Tarot will answer correctly, if you co-operate with the cards that come up.

However, you turn a card and your heart sinks. It’s a major trump. You know the Hebrew letter, the path on the Tree of Life, the astrological correlation, and all that, but you don’t know what to say to answer the question in language the querent can understand.

John Ballantrae’s book solves this problem.

Part I gets you set up and into the right frame of mind to read and answer with confidence. You’re doing a real Tarot reading and not just giving generic “good advice”. What you say may be good, but that doesn’t mean it’s automatically answering the question. “Don’t get drunk every night” is good advice, but it’s not relevant for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol. We want our readings to be useful and to enlighten the mind of the questioner.

This book shows you how.

Part II treats the major trumps individually, and in depth, so you can make sense of the picture and its symbols on behalf of the questioner, who doesn’t know the Tarot as well as you. There is much discussion of the cards, along with many short quotes that sum up the point being made. How best do you behave under the Wheel of Fortune? Don’t forget to be relaxed in threatening conditions or turbulent times because as Chung-tse said: To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.

So when you get yourself settled and your thoughts together, you are in better shape to deal with whatever is demanding your attention. Being agitated is not a good starting point – at least for you, for this problem, right now.

Not just good advice, but pertinent as well.

Part III demonstrates the Original Celtic Cross, a six-card layout that may be read multi-dimensionally. Two sample readings show the value and the sophistication of the spread.

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