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The Tarot Book 2 (How to Memorize the Rider-Waite Minor Arcana in 1-Hour)

This book uses a memory key system to help you memorize each card in the Minor Arcana fast.

I originally published this book at the time I wrote it in 1989 while still mentoring with Papa Jim at his Herbal and Psychic Shop in San Antonio Texas.

This book is a training manual for people who wish to blend their own Psychic abilities with the Tarot and providing others with highly detailed readings at a professional level.

This method was created to speed up the process of taking an armature card reader to professional and highly accurate level fast. People from around the world obtained readings from both Papa Jim and myself during those years. While he is not with us any longer, his shop is alive and well. It hosts some of San Antonio’s most gifted psychics over the last 20 years.

This book will help you produce full scale professional psychic readings in quick order… or just a better card reader for yourself, family, and friends. These meanings were taught to me using the same system you are about to use. It has proven accurate through out the thousands of readings he and I have done over the years.

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