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The Tarot Activity Book: A Collection of Creative and Therapeutic Ideas for the Cards

Did you know that tarot cards can have a rich and varied life outside of divination? They certainly do when you combine them with expressive arts activities such as writing, making art, and crafting.

In this book, you’ll learn how mixing tarot into the creative process is a fun and powerful way to stimulate your imagination. After all, each card is itself a mini artistic masterpiece, packed with symbolism and meaning. This makes them natural tools for developing self-awareness and personal transformation.

Whether beginner or advanced, if you have an interest in tarot you will find much to enjoy in this book. The nearly 100 activities and exercises will add quite another dimension to your experience with the cards.

This book will also be useful if you are a mental health professional or art teacher who uses the expressive arts in your practice. Inside, you will discover a wealth of creative and therapeutic ideas regarding how to incorporate tarot into the work you do with clients or students.

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2 comments on “The Tarot Activity Book: A Collection of Creative and Therapeutic Ideas for the Cards

  1. Gettin’ Busy with Tarot Andy Matzner, a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and Tarot reader, has written an excellent book of exercises and activities that allow you to dive deeper into your Tarot deck. For folks new to Tarot, it’s a great learning experience. For the more advanced, it opens the door to new levels of understanding.And some of this stuff is super fun, too.In the introduction, Matzner recounts his discovery of Tarot and the power of using it in combination with creative expression. He found there is a therapeutic aspect that can deliver self-awareness, personal insight, and positive growth.The introduction has quite a bit of information that you don’t want to miss such as an explanation of the categories, using the book, as well as tools and materials you’ll need.The exercises and activities are listed in three categories: 1) Conversation StartersHere, the cards show you how to get a dialogue started with another person or just with yourself. I think it’s worth noting that the author adds, “…and make fun ice-breakers for groups as well.”The “Relationship” activity lists a number of keywords for various types of relationships. You are asked to go through the deck and find the image you feel matches that particular keyword. From here, you can ask yourself which relationships could use improving and how might you go about making such improvements.My favorite is “Follow the Leader” where you pick the card that answers the questions of which card can lead you to a certain outcome. Very insightful! 2) Writing & JournalingThese aren’t your average journal prompts. Oh, no, they are much more involved. Here, you have the theme with an objective, background, and an explanation of the process. In some, options are given for doing it this way instead of that way. If you’re feeling adventurous, do both.There are over 100 pages of activities and prompts in this category, some a little more complicated than others. They are all very doable.A really fun one is “Birthday Guests.” Which cards would you invite to your birthday party. What kind of gift would that card bring you? I love this one. The option listed for this exercise is to substitute a birthday party for a dinner party. 3) Arts & CraftsThis is, by far, my favorite category. Give me glue, construction paper, colored pencils, watercolors, and you won’t hear a peep out of me for hours. I haven’t taken the time to actually do any of these, yet (I’ve only had the book for a week). The “Mason Jar Display” and “Vision Board” are brilliant.A nice bonus for me are all the various quotes sprinkled throughout the pages.This is a thought provoking, imagination building, intuition inducing, fun book. It would be a great thing to work through with a group at Tarot meetups or a Tarot themed party. If you have kids with an interest in Tarot, break out the painting supplies and get messy with `em through the Arts & Crafts category.~Val SherillTarot Translator

  2. Haven’t really delved into this book quite yet, but from what I have perused, looks like a very useful and fun way touse the tarot cards. I like it.

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