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The Secrets of the Tarot: Origins, History, and Symbolism

Fully illustrated with all-new color versions of the complete traditional Tarot deck, this is an appreciation of the history and meaning of the cards.

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3 comments on “The Secrets of the Tarot: Origins, History, and Symbolism

  1. One of the Best ….on Tarot history, mystryies and an all around spectacular book on pagan history. One that I’d definately recommend to anyone interested in paganism and the tarot. I’ve been reading tarot cards and books on tarot for over ten years now and I’m very pleased with the info in this book. Much of what is delved into here is not even mentioned in other volumes. A must have! I really hope it goes back into print.

  2. Secrets indeed! I am purchasing a new copy of this book as mine has gone astray, and I consider it to be (for me) one of the most life-changing books I have owned. It helped me to ‘crack the code’and enter into a rich world of symbolism and mystery that I am continuing to explore many years on. The breadth of Walker’s research is astounding. Walker quite often takes a blatantly anti-Christian stance in her writing, yet I found the connections between the tarot and christian symbolism, and the roots of that symbolism in earlier traditions, most enlightening. Like entering a stream of ‘meaning-ness’ that connects us across time and space.

  3. A recommended interpretation This is an excellent interpretation of the tarot, from a feminist perspective. As we explore the occult, it must be ready to grow and adapt with a person’s needs. This book allows and open new avenues of exploration and understanding of occult history, or should I say, herstory.

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