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The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards – John Holland

Product Features

  • - Choose between 1-card, 3-card, 5-card and 12-card readings
  • - Save and load your “readings” for review at any time
  • - E-mail “readings” to friends
  • - Flip cards over to read the full meaning of each card
  • - Review the entire deck of cards in Browse mode

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2 comments on “The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards – John Holland

  1. These Cards are beautiful and work well as an oracle. They are based on a regular Tarot deck but spun in a generally more positive light. I like the way the program flips the cards, when it is working. But here is the problem, after I do two or three spreads with three or even one card, the program crashes on my Kindle Fire. The scroll down feature is also very buggy and it can be very difficult to see all of an interpretations. Since the program is a bit slow to load this gets boring fast. The same company OceanHouse Media, also makes the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms cards. The way they operate is identical and they have the same issue with crashes and scrolling. I’ll will update this review if the problem gets fixed with an update.

  2. This is the first time I have discovered a set of cards that immediately identifies with all of humanity with such pin-point accuracy! They are a precious tool for both personal use and in assisting others…

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