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The Phoenix Cards: Reading and Interpreting Past-Life Influences with the Phoenix Deck

This book and deck provide an important key to past life recall. Each of the 28 images is a visual representation of a particular world culture that will bring into focus the times and places of previous incarnations. The symbols of the Phoenix Deck will trigger unconscious memories that will enable you to see yourself more clearly and help you develop latent talents, identify lessons that must be learned, and explain irrational fears, attractions, and impulses.

This is the first divinatory tool especially created for studying past lives to better understand the present. 

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2 comments on “The Phoenix Cards: Reading and Interpreting Past-Life Influences with the Phoenix Deck

  1. The past is never really past… I don’t know whether to be alarmed or amused at the reviewers who find this deck limited to one use, but it does make me wonder about their view of work with past lives. This is NOT a deck to tell you that your name was Mary Smith-Jones-Brown and that you were born in Dublin-Cairo-Edinburgh in 1835-1637-3500BCE. Past-life regression and hypnosis may help you establish these things to your satisfaction, but I would caution that even the most competent and ethical of hypnotherapists has to work very hard to avoid influencing subject recall.This deck identifies 28 times/places/cultures with strongly resonant energy. The cards are exquisitely painted, each in a very different style. The querent looks through the deck, allowing him/herself to be drawn to the most “magnetic” of the images. A reading is comprised of the seven most strongly attractive (in the magnetic sense) cards. The author makes it very clear that this would not be the sum total of a soul’s previous journeys; rather, the cards suggest which previous incarnations are the strongest influences on the querent’s current life. (So, unless you , your life circumstances, issues and needs never change, repeating readings from time to time is a very useful process.) The readings may also be linked to planetary influences, which I find valuable. Shorter readings combining past life and planetary influences may be done more frequently. Once you get to know the deck, it is very simple, when confronted with a puzzling, unresolved, or “stuck” situation, to draw one (or two or three) cards, asking “What past life influences are most with me now?” I have always gained some illumination from doing this!This is one of the strongest decks I’ve workied with in terms of the art and the writing being equally strong. I find the descriptions and interpretations careful and thoughful, with a wealth of detail. I appreciate the way information is presented, allowing the reader and/or querent to feel what is currently resonant — and I have noticed that my understanding of the information grows and matures as I do. There is plenty of room for further research and learning on the querent’s part. The images are particularly useful for connecting to the “feel” of a culture, and they are so beautiful that using the deck is always a wonderful experience.I would never be able to sum up what has happened even so far in this life with one card reading once, so I can’t imagine why anyone would assume the same of several past lives. This is a wonderful deck for continued use over time.

  2. Uncanny Accuracy I was in a Past Lives workshop last weekend and after the co-ordinator ran us through the card selection and the sorting the final seven into relevance order, most people in the group found the cards to be a very (80+ %) accurate description of themselves as they really are. Most systems of cards or even astrology uses general terms to give the illusion of accuracy. This set of interpretations was much more than that. It was as though each set of interpretation was tailored to the individual. I will purchase my own set and recommend them to anyone else who wishes to find out more about themselves and why we are here.

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