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The Linestrider Tarot

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  1. Beautiful Artwork & Guidebook/ Horrible quality deck. First of all, Siolo’s art is undeniably beautiful and fits the tarot cards perfectly. She brings a unique and whimsical voice to her deck and it works beautifully when reading. Her guidebook is amazing and I love that she adds info on Plants and animals as well as gives examples of the way different cards interact in a reading. This deck would be a perfect beginners deck, but as an intermediate reader I found new and insightful info in this book and when working with Siolo’s images. Her writing is also funny and I laughed quite a bit while reading her book. I can tell she put alot of love and hard work into her deck which is why I’m so disappointed to give a poor review. It has nothing to do with Siolo’s vision, She did an aboslutely fantastic job.The product that Llewellyn has published doesn’t even begin to do justice to Siolo’s incredible artwork. I was so disappointed to see that when i pulled out my deck the cardstock seemed both unpleasantly thick and flimsy at the same time. It has a terrible papery almost cardboard feel to it and does not feel nice in the hands. Almost every card had chips peeling off of the back corners and because of this i ordered a replacement only to find the exact same issue with the new deck and I’ve also heard others say they had the same damaged cards in their decks. The finish on the cards is also quite bad, I can tell with just a few shuffles it will begin to scuff the surface of the cards and the deck will get worn out very fast, with some decks I don’t mind this but with artwork like this, its important that the cards stay clean looking and thats just not going to last long at all on cardstock like this. This was just the worst choice of stock for this particular deck, being that the cards are mostly white on both sides you can see every scuff, scratch and chip on the surface of the cards.When I first heard that Llewellyn had changed their cardstock to a thicker version, I was overjoyed thinking that they were finally making the switch to the same stock they used in the recent Tarot of the Hidden Realms and Victorian Fairy Tarot decks. This cardstock was perfect. It was sturdy and thick but not too thick and it had a lovely laminate coating on the cards that protected them from damage and made for a nicer color saturation in the imagery. You can even peek at the reviews for both of those decks and see that they all comment on the nice quality of the cardstock and both those decks cost the same as this one, only they will last you about 20 years longer than this deck.I have no idea why Llewellyn would make this kind of change. Yes, I was disappointed by their earlier stock which was very thin and flimsy and also easily damaged with use and it was obvious that they needed to make a change but this was such a step backwards.I would have loved to see this deck printed on a cardstock worthy of its beauty, one like Tarot of the Hidden Realms that would have complimented and protected the gorgeous images and felt nice in the hands while shuffling. I do not like having to replace a deck after only using it for a short time and I won’t be doing that until Llewellyn improves this issue.We see our decks as an investment, something we can grow with and turn to for years to come… unfortunately, this deck will likely only be usable for a few months before it begins to fall apart.Do I recommend this deck? Sure, if you feel very pulled to work with it I think you might find a way to see past these physical issues but there is NO WAY i would tell someone to pay the full price for this, $30 is basically the same cost as an independently published deck and you can bet that those decks will be printed on durable, beautiful quality stock and will last you for a lifetime. So please do yourself a favor and don’t purchase this deck at full price, either order it here on Amazon or save your money and use it to purchase something with better quality. Llewellyn has some major competition in these new deck creators who put love and care into their decks production and ensure that the reader has a beautiful experience when using their cards. Not to mention, Llewellyns Boxes are entirely useless. We have companies like Blue Angel who tend to cost less than a Llewellyn deck and they manage to produce a perfect product that is lovely from the packaging to the guidebook and the deck itself.I feel really bummed out for Siolo because I don’t think shes going to see as much success with this deck as she deserves simply because Llewellyn botched the publishing and I really, REALLY hope to see Llewellyn fix this issue. I am not going to buy another decks from them until they do because I’m not willing to spend money on something I know will be a disappointment. Tarot and the artists who create Tarot deserve better and so do we as readers. I know Llewellyn can do better because I have seen them do better, and I really hope this new “Improvement”…

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