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The Intuitive Tarot: A Metaphysical Approach to Reading the Tarot Cards

The Intuitive Tarot reads like a conversation with a trusted spiritual mentor. Richard Gordon shares his understanding and respect for the special personal gifts developed via Tarot. Through simple explanations and exercises, he helps us connect with our Higher Selves and offers gentle insights into experiences encountered when reading Tarot cards, either for ourselves or for others. The book presents universal truths and timeless metaphysical wisdom. The importance of meditation and preparation for readings is discussed, along with that of the ritual and sacred art of the Tarot. The authors illustrate how images, colors, astrology, and numerology can all guide insight into the mind, emotional and energetic patterns, and future probabilities. Methods to perceive and, if desired, alter furture events are presented, along with various types of layouts and sample readings. Endorsements “Teachers of the Tarot should require students to read this book. It is accessible, provides a sound introductory approach, and establishes essential principles and ethics. Highly recommended.” The Hermit’s Lantern “With clarity and love, the authors emphasize spiritual balance and teach us how powerful our intuition is when we nurture and trust it. It quickly becomes apparent that the answers to our every question lie within ourselves.” from the Foreword by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, artist and author of The Enchanted Tarot

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2 comments on “The Intuitive Tarot: A Metaphysical Approach to Reading the Tarot Cards

  1. The BEST book for learning to read tarot!!! I bought my first deck twelve years ago and avidly began studying them. I read numerous books, and none of them taught you how to read the cards like this book does. It teaches you how to tap your intuitive powers and to be able to read tarot, instead of giving you another conflicting interpretation to memorize. If your only going to buy one tarot book, make this one it!!!

  2. Guidance! I purchased this book after I saw the reviews of the book and was totally satisfied with this book.Doing tarot readings might be ‘fun’ as some people say – and they are quite joyful experiences if taken that way. But what happens if you ignore what is really happening on the spiritual plane?This book outlines what happens in a normal tarot card reading – where the reader is connected to the Higher Powers and is seeking guidance for oneself or for others. It gives you enough of background and understanding of the theories and beliefs, no matter what your religious orientation.I have come to appreciate what intuition can do when I do readings for people – the love and healing one can give to the clients while doing readings cannot be explained in words. I like the way the book stresses on the prayer before the reading. My teacher always encouraged me to make my own prayer.However, I would also like to stress upon ending the reading with a prayer as well. It is equally important to do that, to thank the energies which come to help us do the readings and set them free! Therefore I especially liked that part in the book. And the part where one is advised to wash one’s hands and face after a reading – a practice I have always followed instinctively since I began reading professionally.Again, I would like to state that this book is a wonderful Guide to all of us who connect to the Higher Powers to help and heal others via the Tarot cards.Thanks for writing such a lovely book!

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