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The Heart of Tarot : An Intuitive Introspective Guide to Interpreting the Cards

Based on the Thoth (Crowley) deck, but works well with any Tarot deck, as journaling questions or group discussion. Both the light and dark side of each card is introduced with the intention of a unique personal journey into the insights and knowledge hidden in your psyche. The questions at the end of each page are designed to invoke a thoughtful dialogue with your higher self, encourage the discovery of new perceptions and gather information to help guide deeply personal decisions. To be whole, one must examine all aspects of the psyche. Tarot is the voice of inner wisdom with multiple layers to consider while contemplating your life path. Take your time with each meditation. Return to the cards that have had the biggest impact and then chart how the questions change as you evolve. It is not necessary to have a background in Tarot or to have studied the cards to benefit from each interpretation. Knowing Tarot is one part intellect and three parts intuition. This book is meant to access the intuitive and instinctive higher self that understands the symbolic language contained with the images of your deck. To understand the actual meanings and intention of the author and artist of a particular deck is always helpful, but accessing your personal process is, by far, the greater advantage to interpreting Tarot.

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2 comments on “The Heart of Tarot : An Intuitive Introspective Guide to Interpreting the Cards

  1. Getting to the Heart of the Matter This is a wonderful book! The author’s top-of-the-page key words and her vivid descriptions of the art and the intent behind the card provide you with an instant insight, even if you’ve never picked up a deck before. But there is far more than that; her descriptions are thought-provoking and they open the path to further introspection as you examine the subtle facets of the card and hear the depth of the writing. The premise is the same, regardless of your choice of deck. The intent behind the card, the message within the card, and the insight you can gain from the card are universal.This is a workbook in the truest sense of the word. (As the prior reviewer notes, do not make your notes IN the workbook because you will want to use the questions again in varying draws and circumstances.) Using this workbook has provided me with much deep and insightful knowledge. The work is not always easy — rather, cutting through the outside to get to the core is often hard, sweaty work — but the results are liberating in the extreme.A crystal ball is not required to predict that anyone using this book will not want to miss a page! Whether you begin at the beginning and go to the end or you approach it at random with draws from the deck, or spreads, each page makes me want to see what I can discover on the next page, and each one of those discoveries leads to something else. There is no limit to what you can learn from this book because it takes you not only into the Heart of the Tarot, but deep into your own heart.The cards never lie to us; we only lie to ourselves. There are no Mulligans here. There is no hiding in the shadow. The questions are stark and unflinching. If your answers are equally honest, the knowledge you gain from using this workbook will be immeasurable.

  2. Truly Helpful as a Workbook & With All My Decks! Each deck I own has it’s own “take” on the study of tarot, but I wanted something that would take me to the source, to the heart of the matter, as it were. (Is that why she named it this way? LOL) This book does so beautifully. I use it to deepen my understanding of each card and now have more layers to help reveal the answers I seek.But I use it in different ways as well. When a topic comes up in my day-to-day living, I think of a card that is related and just head to the questions the author has created- they REALLY take you right to the heart of the matter. (Another reason for the name, I think..? :-) Don’t write in the workbook!! You’ll want to come back again and again, so grab another sheet of paper. (And make sure to keep them all. I’m enjoying working through some questions and then seeing what I had written on the same topic months earlier.)I also like to sit with one card at a time for a week, or more. I start each day rereading what the artist of my deck had to say about what they created, then I reread what The Heart of Tarot says about the core meaning, strength and beauty of the card. I might do the same questions with a twist in my focus, and it’s incredible how diverse the answers are, and how true I feel to myself.This is a tool for getting to know yourself- the author asks the hard questions and for those who are serious about self-understanding, this is just about as real as it gets.I feel like an artichoke, and I’m the one peeling back the layers and discovering what my heart really holds as truth.Buy it, but then make sure to USE it. I see now that this is a life-long journey of continous discovery, and that’s exciting! There is no conquering the tarot. I’ll be moving through my years using this beautiful art to help me get the most out of it. How fun is that? :-)

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