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The Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot: Your Complete System for Divination, Skrying and Ritual Magick

A Magickal, Two-Sided Divination Wonder!

Don’t confuse this deck with any simple Tarot! This amazing, 2-sided deck is a wonder of spirituality, mysticism, and divination.

On one side of the deck is the Enochian Watchtower Tarot. Its four suits of 22 cards each are filled with symbolic information related to the Enochian system of magick, considered by many to be the most power magickal methods ever discovered. The other side of the cards features The Western Tattvas Tarot, an extension of one of the few Eastern traditions used by the Golden Dawn where the elements are associated with simple geometric shapes.

You can work with either side of this Tarot. The cards are designed so the symbols and images on both sides of any card are related. You can learn more of the meaning of one side of the card by looking at the other.

This is a magnificent deck for people wishing to do astral projection or seeing onto the astral plane (skrying). It’s also great for learning or teaching the concepts of the Enochian system, making this a must for people practicing this type of magick. The use of the Western Tattvas is unique, clever, and expansive. The full-size book that comes in this set includes the divinatory meanings for both sides of each card, explanation of all symbolism, and will enable you to master these two powerful magickal systems.

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3 comments on “The Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot: Your Complete System for Divination, Skrying and Ritual Magick

  1. Powerful Magick The Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot set and book is an excellant path towards understanding and using Encochian Magick. The book itself is a great step by step guide into the Encochian Mysteries. A person new to Magick and Enochian knowledge should first receive some basic occult training before using a Tarot such as this, because once an Astral Pathway is opened, it stays open, and the whisperings of angels and other astral beings that come from using such a system may disturb some people, banishings never remove the entire spectrum of astral contacts. Also-from other peoples writtings, it seems that the pyramids of the Watch-Towers are scryed with the idea of looking “down” at the top of the pyramids, it is far more powerful to, instead, look “up” at the pyramid, as if you were in the pyramid and looking out.

  2. Very Promising Deck The deck is great and the companion book covers so much it is definately worth a look. You can create the Enochian Tablets from the cards, then see what tattvic tides are surrounding you, then go skrying into the Enochian Pyramids. So much more.

  3. enochian scrying tarot the book that comes with the tarot is very informative and has everything you need if you are a bigginer and so much more. It is very true to the golden dawn with the rituals but the meditations are a bit short.I have used the western tattwas and got some interesting results.still investigating but they seem to work fine with the flashing colors.I would recommend having a good sorce of light when using them. the cards are of good quility, my 1st card had a little dot on the top. must of been from the printer. nothing too distracting. they have a slippery coating so they are nice to handle. it is a bit small. could of been bigger or a standard tarot size but its still okay

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