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The Fifth Tarot: Restoring the Fifth Element: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Ether

352-page book with 92 full-color cards, boxed set As we enter the Aquarian Age of Peace, new tarot imagery and symbols are called for that reinforce our oneness with the natural world. The Fifth Tarot introduces images of nature to represent the elements for each of the suits fire, shells, feathers, stones, and lotuses. The Fifth Tarot incorporates an additional suit to represent the element ether. Without ether, there is no life. The fifth suit specifically addresses the higher vibrational gifts emerging with the shift of energy occurring through the activation of our DNA codes, our evolving crystalline structures, and our awakening as multi-dimensional beings. The fifth suit brings forth such concepts as telepathy, spontaneous healing, inter-dimensional travel, and transcendence, to name a few. The Major Arcana cards of The Fifth Tarot are attuned to the new archetypes emerging in our consciousness and are aligned with the higher aspects of the divine feminine, the divine masculine, and sacred union. Meditating upon the images assists one in accessing their divine blueprint. The Fifth Tarot court cards reflect a progression of knowledge and understanding in the mastery of the suit and, as such, are designated as Seeker, Initiate, Apprentice, and Elementor. Each card has its own frequency and creates a powerful energetic vibration to help access one’s inner wisdom. The Fifth Tarot is a tool that offers transformative insights into our multi-dimensional gifts and possibilities. It is the tarot deck most relevant for the changing times in which we live. Finally, a tarot deck that represents and reflects the harmonics and vibration of the now. The Fifth Tarot deck is incredibly beautiful and inspires hope, personal empowerment and a consciousness that can help humanity create a harmonious personal existence with the worlds around them. A must-have deck for anyone looking to move forward, embracing the current new energy and beyond.– Deborah Deuel, NHC, managing director and author Teresena is an intuitive, visionary artist. As a clear channel of the divine feminine, her paintings convey love, warmth, compassion and truth, through the symbology of our collective consciousness. Teressena’s talent draws from a life long pursuit of artistic exploration and metaphysical understanding. Enjoy! –Gary Fleck, Inner Earth The energy from your beautiful deck of cards is truly a higher vibration–and what the two of you bring with it–epitomizes what this ascension process is about. I could definitely feel my own ascension process–stretching and expanding–all afternoon. I’m always looking for something that will take my readings to the next level for my clients and also for myself. I believe you have created a wonderful tool that will help me do that, and I can’t wait to receive my deck.– Rev. Martha Quinn, Tarot Reader/Ascension Coach, Academy of the Five Winds

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3 comments on “The Fifth Tarot: Restoring the Fifth Element: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Ether

  1. Beautiful new deck! A very unique new deck has appeared on the Tarot market, The Fifth Tarot. What makes it unique is the addition of a fifth suit, the element of ether. The extra suit (called Lotus) brings the number of cards to 92. All of the suits are depicted with symbols from nature: fire, shells, feathers, stones, and lotuses. This is very much a deck for the 21st century, attuned as it is to the earth and to our awakening consciousness. It is a strong, yet gentle, spiritual deck, yet can shed insight on more mundane issues in our lives.Created by Martien and Teressena Bakens, The Fifth Tarot is a beautiful book and deck package, published by Blue Dolphin Publishing. Measuring 3.5 by 5 inches, the cards are laminated and sturdy, with a reversible back, depicting four interlocking squares called a quincunx. Teressena’s art is detailed, colorful, soft and inspiring. The illustrations are unique to this deck and its purpose, and it is not a Rider Waite Smith clone. It is an uplifting, forward-looking deck, perfect for meditation as well as divination. The traditional court cards are renamed Seeker, Initiate, Apprentice and Elementor .The companion book, The Fifth Tarot: Restoring the Fifth Element, is an excellent guide to this wonderful deck. It is fully illustrated with a black and white image of each card. Detailed descriptions and explantions of he symbolism appearing on each card help guide the reader through the imagery. The borders of the Major Arcana include four symbols: a planetry or astrological glyph, a star symbol (representing spirtual and universal laws of the universe) a Mayan glyph and a sacred symbol of MU. All of these are explained in an appendix. All card descriptions include a section on divinatory meanings as well as practical applications to bring the energy of each card into our daily lives.I recommend this deck for anyone interested in Tarot. It is new, fresh and offers a unique way of seeing and working with the Tarot. It is a deck that will reward study and meditation.This is a deck that you will want to play and work with!

  2. Unique Tarot This Tarot deck was created for the new Age of Aquarius. It is not your usual Tarot deck. There are 92 cards in this deck, because of the addition of a 5th suit, containing the usual 14 cards. There are 5 elemental suits, that is, fire, water, air, earth, and ether; ether is the element, according to the authors of the book in this Tarot set, which “is the life force that flows through all creation”. The symbols for the suits are also not the usual rods, cups, swords and pentacles, but are fire, shells, feathers and stones, respectively, being symbols from nature. The symbol for the 5th suit is lotuses. The Court cards also have different designations, not those of royalty, but following the status of knowledge in the suit, namely, seeker, initiate, apprentice and elementor. There are 22 Major Arcana cards, however there are some changes in the names of the Majors. The artwork is beautiful and colorful. It is multi-cultural, with much symbolism from Native American and so-called primitive societies. The artwork is full of symbolism, and some of it is abstract and surreal. The pip cards are not fully illustrated, in general, but there is more than just the corresponding number of elements pictured. On the borders of the Majors cards, there are astrological and other esoteric symbols, and the pip cards contain one or two word designations on the bottom of each card. I found these designations very helpful. There is a book included in the set, which gives detailed discussions for each card, including divinatory meanings and practical applications. The discussions of the cards tend to be based on spiritual themes. For those who are interested in the relationship between Tarot and Kabbalah, the book does discuss the relationship between the cards of the Major Arcana and the Tree of Life. I highly recommend this deck as a unique Tarot experience. If you are waiting for me to say something negative, here it is; the box in which this set arrived came apart quite easily.

  3. A Truely wonderful, non-traditional deck and book So much work went into this set and it shows in the quality of the artwork, the deck production, the accompanying book (which is an impressive 352 pages) and the packaging. This is not Rider-Waite like deck in its format and would require some time to get to know the cards and their meanings. The deck has 92 cards, which are all full colour, and bigger than average playing cards.The deck is described to bring the elements together to help us find true understanding; with this the creators have included an additional suit representing the element of Ether (spirit). In traditional Tarot each suit has an elemental correspondence – Pentacles are Earth – Wands are Fire (most popular allocation) – Swords are Air and Cups are Water. The suits in this deck are – Fire for Fire – Shells for Water – Stones for Earth – Feathers for Air and Lotus for Ether.The cards also have a very in-depth symbology for the Major Arcana including, astrological symbols, the Mayan Glyph, Star Symbol, Numerology Reference, Elemental borders and Sacred Symbol of MU.As well as the description of the cards’ artwork there is the divination meaning and the application of the card, which is not found in all decks, this gives the reader or Client practical applications of the cards and questions to travel deeper into the meaning of the card and give time for self-reflection.The art work is simply vibrant, stunning colours and scenes that draw you in make this deck a pure joy to look at and I am sure they would be very well received when being read with. I love, love, love this deck and I think this would be the perfect tool for mediation, self-reflection and personal discovery.

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