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The Favole Tarot Deck By Victoria Frances

Note: The Favole Tarot is made exclusively by Fournier. When you buy from us, you are guaranteed a genuine Fournier product. The popular Favole Tarot displayes gothic scenes by fantasy illustrator Victoria Frances. Born in 1982, her childhood in the forests of Galicia and the romantic environments she discovered in her first trips to Paris and London were important influences in her work. At the age of 22, she published Favole 1: Stone Tears, based on her memories of cities like Venice and Verona. Ms. Frances is now known as one of the most important contemporary illustrators. The boxed deck includes 78 cards in full color (card titles in Spanish). A instruction pamphlet is included, with a general introduction to tarot.

Product Features

  • Illustrated by Victoria Frances!
  • Genuine Fournier deck!
  • Best Seller!

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2 comments on “The Favole Tarot Deck By Victoria Frances

  1. A beautiful deck The cards are gorgeous. The symbolism is interesting…the fact that it doesn’t follow the traditional “tarot” symbology is fine with me–good tarot readings are about your interpretations of the cards, and not just what a publishing company tells you those interpretations are.However, when you have a major deviation like the minor arcana suits, an explanation about this should be in the instructions. A generic instruction book was included that just covered the standard minor arcana definitions, and said nothing about what the new minor arcana suits meant or how they related to the standard ones. A commenter on another post said: “Crosses=Wands, Masks=Pentacles, Flowers=Cups, Butterflies=Swords.” And while I have to come to the same conclusion, it’s a bit of a stretch for Masks and Butterflies. I can see masks as Pentacles, worldly illusion/matters, although that’s not all that Pentacles are, the hidden aspect of masks suggests something different. And butterflies have a lot of suffering and struggle to become what they are, but none of that is really depicted in the deck. Did the artist just really want to paint butterflies?I look forward to using this deck though, and in trying to see if the different suits convey different messages than your average Tarot. It’s a good deck overall, I’m just not sure what the deviations mean, or how they’ll change my readings. We’ll see!

  2. Beautiful Cards; Essentially Generic Pip Cards This is much like Luis Royo’s The Black Tarot & Tarot decks by other contemporary artists: Beautiful classic artwork by the artist that is not designed for actual Tarot use due to lack of typical symbolic archetypes on the cards. The pip cards are simply the number of that case’s items—no true artwork. This is nice for its artwork & its novelty.

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