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The Enchanted Tarot: Book and Tarot Deck

The Enchanted Tarot is for everyone who loves fantasy and fairytales. Amy Zerner’s visionary art makes the deck a magical experience to use. Each of the 78 cards is a richly detailed miniature work of art in Amy’s award-winning tapestry collage style. Based on the ancient traditions of the Tarot, this contemporary Oracle is a remarkable system for self-counseling and understanding. Used with the accompanying book by Monte Farber, The Enchanted Tarot can illuminate and inspire our innermost being and will allow any seeker of guidance direct access to the wisdom of his or her Higher Self. The book includes an interpretation of each card along with Preparation for a Reading, Using the Enchantments, The One Card Technique, The Three Level Spread and The Celtic Cross Spread. Everything you need to conduct a reading for yourself or someone else is included, so you can start having fun right away. Full-color illustrations

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3 comments on “The Enchanted Tarot: Book and Tarot Deck

  1. It’s not hardcover. I fell in love with these cards when my friend let me borrow her deck. I immediately knew I had to have my own. Since the original set was released many years back, the deck has been reworked. Apparently the images are sharper and the colors brighter, and the borders on the cards have been eliminated so that the entire card is filled with tapestry. I Ass-u-me-d that since the set advertised here was released in 2009 that they would be the newer version of the card design. They are not, but that is really not a problem, I love these cards. The book here advertised is hardcover, which I wanted, but what I received is not hardcover. Oh well, the interpretation is lovely, and that IS what I really wanted. Buyer Beware.

  2. Lovely Interpretation I’ve owned this set for years and while not exactly a “reader”, I’m most certainly a collector of Tarot decks. This deck is one of the prettiest and loveliest interpretations I’ve seen. The vintage images and the tapestries on each card are just gorgeous. I love to just pull a card out of the deck at random and read the interpretation in the accompanying book. Lovely way to start my day.

  3. Simply the best book/tarot deck set available! Monte Farber and Amy Zerner are the world’s most renowned creators of self-help and guidance systems. One of their most overlooked titles, “The Enchanted Tarot”, is a highly regarded classic within the tarot community. Released in 1992, this book and tarot deck set set the standard for the art of tarot reading, taking readers on a journey through our dual world of The Dreaming and The Awakening, finally transcending to a higher consciousness. The book is beautifully written by Farber, whose expertise as a proven psychic is employed in helping readers to get the most out of the tarot. He covers the various methods in utilizing this unique system for gaining insight and wisdom on how to overcome adversity and solving everyday problems in today’s chaotic society through the meanings of the 78 tarot cards, which each convey a message to our conscious and unconscious selves. The manner in which the interpretations of the cards are presented is quite different from what tarot readers are most used to. Instead of the typical upright/reversed meanings practiced by most tarot schools, Farber breaks down the interpretations into three(3) separate levels: The Dream, The Awakening, and The Enchantment. The Dream gives the symbolic meaning via a story-like narrative, The Awakening a straightforward elaboration, and The Enchantment an actual exercise to infuse positive energy into the card representing your life. Of note is the omission of the “reversed” card meaning to allay any fears and negative thoughts often associated with it, which I personally thought was a sincere and nice touch by Farber; a tarot deck which can do you no harm. Equally impressive is Amy Zerner’s colorful and richly detailed artwork, expertly lending credence to Farber’s prophetic vision. The cards, although a bit oversized, are sumptuous with an Edwardian flavor that evokes a more simpler, romantic period than today’s frenzied pace. The cards are also cleverly color-coded based on suit and healing power: Hearts Purple, Pentacles Green, Wands Red, and Swords Blue. What really sets The Enchanted Tarot’s artwork apart from most other tarot sets is that Zerner’s illustrations are not merely paintings rendered on a computer. Each image is actually a 2′ X 1′ fabric collage tapestry painstakingly laid out, and then sewn together in her unique, exquisite style. These gorgeous, award-winning works of art are recognized as paintings by the National Endowment for the Arts. The colorful illustrations are also well represented in the glossy high-quality book, which you don’t often find in most tarot/book sets these days. The conclusion of the book includes a short section on preparing for and doing actual readings, using the three most popular layouts in tarot: The One-Card, Three-Card, and the beloved Celtic Cross spreads. All-in-all, Farber’s “The Enchanted Tarot” is a benign and gentle tarot. Zerner’s stunning illustrations bring Farber’s words to life and vice versa, as they complement each other. “The Enchanted Tarot” may not fall in line with those who might prefer a more traditional approach to the tarot, but with one of the highest accuracy rates in the world amongst living tarot readers, Farber’s system should not be taken lightly. Instead, it should be looked upon as a consummate tool for those who are looking for self-help through alternative means. “The Enchanted Tarot” is just too damn good that I’m doing to do something which I’ve never done before using a 5-star rating system. I’m giving this one 6 stars with the highest recommendations. WELL DONE, MONTE AND AMY!

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