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The Dream Deck: 50 Cards to Interpret and Inspire Your Dreams

Explore your dream life with these beautifully illustrated cards, designed to help you decode the mysteries of the sleeping mind. With simple instructions on how to interpret the symbols and influence the nature of your dreams-plus evocative artwork that captures the surreal quality of night visions-The Dream Deck will inspire delight and discovery, night after night.

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2 comments on “The Dream Deck: 50 Cards to Interpret and Inspire Your Dreams

  1. Dream experience needed for this work!/Visionaryprophetdaniel This is not a divinatory tarot deck! This statement in no way denegrates Dr.Fontana or his work as I have used his deck successfully with over a dozen friends and acquaintances with very helpful interpretations. To use this deck the reader should have either dream interpretative experience and/ or at least several Psychology courses dealing with dream content. Quite candidly I recommend Dr. Fontana’s Dream Deck to those college/university students who wish to enroll in Psychology courses and learn dream interpretation. The reason for saying this is the soulspirit realms the unconscious as well as the conscious of our lives and Karma.Blessings…

  2. Unhelpful and dreary images I bought these cards thinking cool! and when I opened the card deck, I found images more likely to cause unhappy dreams than joyful ones. Make your own dream cards by clipping out images from magazines and catalogs. The author seems very Freud inspired.

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