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The Complete Guide to the Tarot

For centuries, the strange and beautiful tarot cards have been an endless source of mystery and fascination.  One of the foremost authorities in the field reveals the intricacies of this ancient art. With detailed explanations, Eden Gray offers explicit advice about the three different methods of reading the cards, and using the tarot for divination and meditation. Both beginning students and advanced devotee will find in this book new insights into the ancient lore of the tarot.

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2 comments on “The Complete Guide to the Tarot

  1. Introducing the Tarot As someone new to the study of the Tarot, I found Eden Gray’s “A Complete Guide to the Tarot” to be the best general introduction to this fascinating divinatory system. Gray writes with a confident but accessible authority that makes her book very appealing.

  2. A tarot reference for a lifetime. This was the first book that I bought, or read, to help me interpret the tarot. As the years have passed I have come to realise that it is also the best. There are too many mundane, cookie cutter, tarot references out there. This book truly explains the deep meanings behind the hermetic symbolism of the Waite-Rider deck. With the systems and symbolism section it becomes a comprehensive text on metaphysical thought- a true book of Thoth, or Hermes. My only complaint is that there is no deluxe copy with leather binding and vellum pages. I would gladly pay extra for it, for this is the kind of book you will refer to again and again over a lifetime. Of course, if the tarot is no more than a new-age parlor game to you, you might want to look elsewhere. If you are prepared to meditate on the meaning of deeper things, then you have found your guide.

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