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The Celtic Knot (Suit of Cups)

Sometimes, love lasts lifetimes.

Lily’s whole life is planned out. She’ll live, if not happily, at least ever after. Working as an insurance agent with her college sweetheart and longtime boyfriend, Lucas, she’ll eventually marry him and together they’ll take over the family agency. Then she and Lucas will start raising little insurance agents of their own. But something is missing…

At her best friend’s urging, she decides to do one last wild thing before committing her life to a future of policy endorsements–she takes a part time job reading tarot cards at a local Renaissance Faire theme park. Lucas is completely unimpressed and disdainful of her fascination with the mystical, but has no doubt she’ll settle down once they’re married. Enter Ian Kelly, mural painter, actor and…witch. He and Lily have a chance meeting at the park, and the attraction is immediate. They have a history…a lot of history. Several lifetimes of it, in fact, and their business together is unfinished.

All three have secrets, one of them deadly. Add in heaping helpings of magic, mayhem, Cuban sandwiches, one large Irish family and one very demanding feline for a story of love so strong, it’ll take more than one century to contain it.

CONTENT WARNING: Language, suggestive scenes.

A Lyrical Press Fantasy Romance

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One comment on “The Celtic Knot (Suit of Cups)

  1. lightand entertaining paranormal romance The Celtic Knot (Suit of Cups) Shannon MacLeodI received this via publishers in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.I love paranormal and I love romances so both in one book is always a bonus. In this book the paranormal elements comes via the male leads inherited abilities as a witch ( though not of the ear of newt spells type – just abilities to see snippets of future, to astrally project and to glamour – that kind of supernatural element. )Lily is working for her long time boyfriend in his family business. Plans are for them to marry and then to run it themselves, but Lucas has become gradually more overbearing and sapping at Lily’s confidence. She takes one last fling – against his wishes – reading tarot cards at a local theme park. The park is lovely – very mediaeval in style and the characters places and actions makes the reader feel at times as if they’ve travelled back into history. She meets Ian the artist and from then on her life changes. Seems they’ve past life history together and the attraction between them in this life is instantaneous, but they’re both cautious in their own way. Events conspire to place Lily in serious danger and the secrets the three main characters have could make things turn deadly.Its a great book – the characters well fleshed out and easy to “read”, they seem real to me and I could feel and understand their problems and emotions. There were times when I wanted to give Ian a kick up the ar$e but then a story without a few hiccups and some angst would be bland wouldn’t it? I was lost in their world for a while and thoroughly enjoyed the book. Would I reread it though – that’s my five star acid test – well, though I really enjoyed it the story didn’t have the depth that would make me want to go there again, its a light romance with paranormal elements rather than a deep one with secrets and nuances that take several readings before reader is tired of the story, so no – its a one time only read. Well edited though and well written with multiple plot lines all neatly tied up at the end. I hate when authors bring in events and then leave them unfinished and that doesn’t happen here :) so I was well satisfied on that point.Its not a bad length and price ratio at 267 pages for £3.88 and for readers who want a lighter romance its perfect.Stars: four, a decent read but a bit light for me. Some readers just want an easy entertaining read rather than one that makes you concentrate hard and look for answers so for those this novel is ideal. After all everyone wants different things from their books and I can think of several friends who’d give this five stars – just not that rating for me.

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