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The Book of Decisions [Download]

The Book of Decisions [Download]

The Book of Decisions [Download]

  • The oracle for the rational person, science based and of exceptional predictive power.
  • If you dare, a psychological game that penetrates subconscious depths to reveal your prospects of experiencing success and happiness.
  • If you wish, a philosophical game that orients your perceptions of values and goals in relationships, job or business.
  • In a lighter mood, an entertaining game of solitaire: Swap views with a ‘superior’ intelligence or challenge fate to a game of truth.

Making decisions can be highly uncomfortable: We don’t know the future but are constantly forced to act as if we did. Our natural dread of error, especially in situations of major consequence, explains the innate longing for superior guidance and the atavistic attraction to oracles against all protests of our rational mind.

The Book of Decisions answers that primeval longing, if in a decidedly rational manner that does not require you to take leave of your critical faculties. It is, i

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