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The 9th Dimension Tarot: Psychogenic Game Kit w/ 14 Different Games In One (Predict the Future, Experiment and Test Results Scientifically, Discover the Truth)

Box Kit includes 78 card tarot deck, drawn in a beautiful Picasso like style. In full color. A complete and comprehensive Instruction Booklet with definitions pertinent to our time. The 9th Dimension Tarot kit is a very unusual game for adults. For while you may predict the future and fortunes of yourself and your friends (as well as politicians and corporations) as the ancient tarot cards did from their inception in the 14th Century, The 9th Dimension Tarot goes beyond and makes tarot a fascinating experiment in ESP, psychology and philosophy. Special features include The Alchemical Values, The Dimension I-IX, The Par Values, The Astrological Signs. Enables you to read the cards swiftly and convert them to numerical symbols not available in other tarot kits. Games, readings, tests and experiments: The Psychological Test, The Triangle Fortune, The Question Reading, The 5 Card Diamond of Fate Game, and many more. The most versatile tarot kit on the market. The cards may be used for personal insights and analysis as well as for highly entertaining games.

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