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Tarot & You: A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Tarot by Teri Kolter [VHS]

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One comment on “Tarot & You: A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Tarot by Teri Kolter [VHS]

  1. More than your basic Edward Waite tarot deck First, the video is rather dry. But aside from that, it’s a good introduction into tarot. It uses the Crowley tarot which differs slightly from the Waite deck in assignment of the Major Arcana. It’s not for doing “tarot tricks” for friends at parties. It’s a serious study with probably one of the more complicated tarot decks available. Crowley’s deck is strewn with symbolism compared to the simplicity of the Waite deck. I would also recommend purchasing either of two books: Crowley’s “The Book of Thoth” and/or “The Crowley Tarot” by Akron*Banzhaf. They are great companions to this video and provide additional reference material.

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