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Tarot: The Mystery and the Mystique

Discover how to apply the Tarot to better capture your inner wisdom and achieve deeper meaning in your life. Featuring illustrations from the Rider-Waite deck, this bedazzling book will explain the symbolism and personal meaning that the cards hold just for you.

This book offers an accessible and easy approach for beginners and experienced readers. Those new to Tarot can discover the meanings of the cards and how to conduct eloquent readings today. Experienced readers will find new insights into Tarot’s history as well as the quintessence of the cards.

Harness your physic powers and release your cosmic energy today with Tarot: The Mystery and the Mystique!

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3 comments on “Tarot: The Mystery and the Mystique

  1. An educational read Other than a few typos, this book seems well planned and well researched.The author covers many historical aspects of tarot and enlightens the reader, giving them true insight into what one can expect and learn from the ancient Tarot cards.

  2. A Quick and Easy Starter’s Guide to Tarot I chose to read this book because although I don’t believe in fortune telling, tarot readings and the like, I still find them strangely fascinating. Plus, I wanted to know how to do a reading.In easy-to-follow, conventional language, the author explained the history of tarot, what the important cards (major arcana) mean, and how to conduct a reading. He actually made me want to go purchase a deck and give it a try!I’d recommend this book to anyone wanting a quick and easy how to guide to tarot. I found it infinitely amusing that the author actually conducts a self-reading, analyzing the likelihood of success for his book. With respect to me finding it and giving it a great review, his reading has come partially true already. Coincidence, or was it in the cards?The book also contains awesome illustrations of early tarot cards. I find the artwork lends credence to the longevity of the cards and, perhaps, their credibility. Whether you believe or not, it’s fun to try out (unless you get some certain negative cards like the Devil… eek!)

  3. Well Written, Well Crafted…Well Done! I’m like most folks. You see a deck of Tarot cards and you don’t give it much thought, except maybe to equate it with fortune telling, palm reading, etc. But in the back of your mind, you’re always thinking, maybe….. Well, this book will really make it clear to you not only what tarot is, but what it means, while not pushing it on to you as something you must include before you can start your day. Beautifully illustrated with clear definitions and explanations, this is a great read for anyone who wants to know what is behind all those childhood stories you may have heard about these cards. Strandberg does a great, and a masterful job of sectioning up the book in easy to read, clear portions that don’t come off too pedantic like he’s some creepy old professor giving his one millionth lecture. This is a well written, well crafted, and well documented book. Great for anybody regardless of age, station or degree of skepticism. I highly recommend it.

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