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Tarot – The Ancient Language Of Wisdom ( Tarot Spreads, Tarot Personality Types, Tarot Arcana, Tarot Secrets )

Start The Journey To The new World Of Wisdom And Deep Knowledge

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Have you ever asked yourself this question before? Maybe, like other Tarot enthusiasts, you witnessed someone reading and interpreting the cards, using them to predict the near future. Or maybe, you stepped inside a card shop and marveled at the designs of the Tarot decks. Maybe you have wanted to learn how to read the cards, or at least, to understand what they mean.

The Tarot cards are a reflection of the highest kind of wisdom. Its knowledge stems from intuition, and from the depths of the reader’s experiences and insights. It is a tool to be used when you have burning questions about what you are doing with your life, and how you can overcome your challenges.

If you have ever wanted to read the Tarot cards, or at least learn more about them, then pick up this book at once!

Written in a conversational manner, this book will help you understand all basic concepts associated with the Tarot cards. It was written especially for enthusiasts who are too shy to ask questions from experts, and too wary of complicated-looking books. Come and explore the wonderful world of the Tarot cards, and help yourself see the truth.

The following are some of the topics addressed in this book :

  • The History and Origins of the Tarot Cards
  • The Tarot Deck Explained: The Major and Minor Arcana
  • Tarot Cards and Meditation
  • Tarot and personality types
  • Tarot Spreads

And so much more!

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You will learn everything you have to know before you get a Tarot deck of your own, as well as read lessons that you can apply once you are in the middle of reading the cards.
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