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Tarot: The Advanced Guide for Learning the Secrets of Tarot Cards (Tarot Cards, Fortune Telling, Tarot Advanced Guide)

Tarot – The Ultimate Beginners Guide For Learning The Secrets Of Tarot Cards

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Maybe you’ve already picked up a deck of cards and you’ve been reading tarot for some time, but do you know everything about the tarot art?

Are you tired of the same-old spreads and you’re looking for something more?

This book will tell you the secrets of the tarot cards by guiding you through the minor arcana suites and showing you how to conduct more advanced tarot spreads. It will also tell you how to create a spread that is unique to the situation you’re asking the cards about. In fact, you can ask the cards anything and use your intuition to create a spread! Pick up this book and learn how.

In this book, you’ll learn the following:

  • Advanced Spreads
  • o Annikin Career

    o Annikin Finance

    o Annikin Work

    o Annual

    o Celtic Cross

    o Checking The Direction

    o Child

    o Childhood Problems

    o Is He / She The One?

    o Is It Too Late?

    o Mirror-Mirror

    o Mountains and Molehills

    o Tree Of Life

    o Which Job?

    o Which Love?

    o Stuck

    o Sibling Rivalry

    o Ongoing Relationship

    o Money Problems

    o Missing Pet

    o Chakra Balance

  • Suit of Cups
  • Suit of Pentacles
  • Suit of Swords
  • Suit of Wands
  • Creating Your Own Spread
  • Much, much more!

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