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Tarot Talismans: Invoke the Angels of the Tarot

According to Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero, the tarot is much more than a collection of symbolic images-it’s a vibrant ecosystem of interconnected energies and entities. In this groundbreaking approach to tarot, they introduce how these powerful cards can be magically transformed into talismans and amulets.

Part one of this book explores the nature of talismans and amulets, how magic works, the role of the divine in magic, and magical ethics. The specific energies and talismanic/amuletic uses of each card are described, along with its magical correspondences-spanning elemental, astrological, and Qabalistic qualities. Part two is devoted to “tarot angels” and invoking these divine energies, including how to use the Golden Dawn method, known as telesmatic magic. Ritual card spreads, consecration rites, and step-by-step examples demonstrate how to use magical talismans to get a promotion, gain psychic talent, promote healing, mend a broken friendship, enhance magic skills, and more.

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2 comments on “Tarot Talismans: Invoke the Angels of the Tarot

  1. Tarot for Magicians Within the Hermetic tradition, the Tarot is considered to be one of the most important tools in spiritual development. This tool has been cast in a bad light by the media and many people and has oftentimes been associated with profiteering charlatans seeking to gain money from unsuspecting and gullible people. We have all probably seen a scene from movie or a book where a disheveled looking gypsy fortune teller uses the cards to predict some bad omen. While many people will put these cards off as mere objects of superstition and fantasy the true nature of the Tarot lies in its usefulness as a tool for self-transformation.Within the Hermetic and Western Mystery Traditions the tarot is used as a tool for communicating with the divine to gain spiritual insight on specific questions and used as a means of tapping into deeper levels of the human psyche through the methods of scrying, meditation, and magical pathworking. The symbols and imageries depicted in the tarot allow us to gain insight about our personal lives and cause change within our psyche.The premise of the book “Tarot Talismans” by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero is that if the Tarot can be used as a means of communicating with the divine then it is also possible to use the images within the Tarot cards to cause change in our world through the method of ritual magic. By using these pictorial representations of spiritual concepts like a magical symbol we can call upon and attract specific energies into our lives.The book provides basic instructions in how to use the tarot cards as talismans and amulets that can bring about change in our lives. A few very useful example rituals are given which can be changed around depending on the desired results. The planetary, astrological, and qabalistic correspondences of each of the cards in the tarot are also provided in great detail which allow the practitioner to create his or her own ritual complete with the proper invocations to divine and angelic forces.Practitioners of Western magic will find this book of great importance. The book provides advanced talismanic magic using advanced techniques of Golden Dawn magic such as working with the Shem Ha-Mephoresh angels attributed to the cards of the Minor Arcana as well as methods of generating telesmatic images or constructed images of divine or angelic forces that are used to charge the magical talismans. The beginning student is taught the basics of magical formulae and theory required for a successful magical operation. Whatever level of magical ability you have you will find something of great value in this book.Since not all tarot decks adhere to the traditional Golden Dawn symbolism the authors provide magical correspondences for each of the cards of the tarot using various decks such as the Rider-Waite, Golden Dawn, Marseille, Thoth, and Babylonian tarot decks. The examples will allow the magical practitioner to use other tarot decks with non-traditional symbolism using a little bit of common sense.My local group has used the framework provided in this book to charge talismans. We have created some very elaborate rituals using the traditional Golden Dawn Neophyte grade initiation as an opening ritual prior to charge the tarot talismans. Some of the members of our group have also used other Golden Dawn rituals such as the Opening by Watchtower for more advanced talisman consecration work with great success. One great thing about this book is that the rituals provided are self-contained and allow for a great deal of flexibility which can allow anyone to create powerful tarot talismans.This book which is one of the many books written by these authors is a great addition to the magician’s collection. If you want to make full use of your tarot deck beyond divination then you will find great value in this book.

  2. I would give this book 6 Stars. I highly recommend this book. I purchased this book some years ago, shortly after its initial publication, and was awe-struck by the ingenuity of the ritual-methods for creating Tarot Talismans – and set to it at once. Since then, I have used the methods presented countless times with great success, and continue to refer to this volume regularly in my practice. The methods are a little different from the standard Z-2 Formula, but are just as excellent a way to create exceedingly potent and effective talismans.For the intermediate and advanced ritualist, this book will take you as far as you want to go, and provide you with continued inspiration for the Art, as well as plenty of thought-provoking material to spark your creative engine – and keep it running well. At the same time, this book also serves as a superior beginner’s manual on certain specific techniques and other areas of Golden Dawn-style ritual practice – definitely complementary to Donald Michael Kraig’s, ‘Modern Magick,’ which provides a great ‘over-all’ introduction into the Art. In fact, I would recommend purchasing the two books together if you are new to High Magick.Of all the hundred-something books in my magickal library, this volume is one of my most ten highly prized and used – and I do not write that lightly, as I definitely feel that of all the books written by the Cicero’s, this book alone stands as one of the shining gems of their effort. Advanced practitioners will find a multitude of ways to embellish and add to the ritual structures presented, so as to augment the methods presented.To conclude, I’m sure no matter what your proficiency or grade-level, from beginner to advanced, this book will not sit for too long collecting dust on your library shelf!93 93/93

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