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Tarot Spreads for Love, Career and More: Get Your Questions Answered

“Conversational, friendly, and fun, makes this book accessible to all levels of readers.”

Despite what you may have heard about tarot reading, you don’t have to be psychic to do one. There are a few simple things you need to know to start doing readings for yourself and your friends in no time.

(Table of Contents below)

This book includes spreads that answer a variety of useful questions:
- Simple spreads for beginners, including the one- and two- card spreads.
- Popular spreads like Horseshoe and Celtic cross.
- More specific spreads like “Does he love me?” and “How to get my ex back”.

Spreads are easy to accomplish and include helpful pictures to give people more of an idea of what to focus on.

But this book is not only about spreads, it provides great advice with EXPLANATIONS AND EXAMPLES that show how something should be done and clarify what many people might have been doing wrong; e.g. framing questions correctly.

Stories in the book are very relatable and show real people; how they are often not even aware of small items that actually create their problems. And the real life sample readings tie together everything that has been said.

What other Tarot readers say about this book
“I really liked the book. You explain the layouts and how to tweak them very well and make it sound fun and simple.”

“A really well written book that lays out a wonderful starting method with clear explanations.”

“An excellent book for anyone curious about tarot cards to pick up.”

“I love that you make this simple enough that someone who is just starting can easily create a spread.”

Free bonus: Quick Tarot Primer
There is a free bonus to get less-experienced readers started; a “Quick Tarot Primer” companion-booklet as a free download from the website.

Basically you get two complete books for the price of one!

Table of Contents
Just to give you a taste, here’s the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Good Tarot Spreads are Those That Make You Think
What You Need to Know to Read Tarot Cards Yourself

Chapter 2: Popular Easy Spreads
Card of the Day Spread
Pros and Cons Spread
Past, Present, Future Spread

Chapter 3: More Rewarding Popular Spreads
Horse Shoe Tarot Spread
Celtic Cross: Probably the Most Common Spread

Chapter 4: Love and Relationship Spreads
You Met Somebody
Problems in a Relationship
Finding Love
Relationship Advice
How to Get Your Ex Back
Does He Love Me
How to Move On

Chapter 5: Money and Career Spreads
How to Save Money
How to Make Money from Home
How to Find a Job

Chapter 6: Self-Improvement Spreads
Work-Life Balance
How to Deal With Stress
How to Be Happy

Chapter 7: Putting it All Together – Real-Life Example Readings
3-Card Spread Example
Love Reading Example
Career Reading Example
Celtic Cross Reading Example
Horse Shoe Spread Example

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