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Tarot Revelations – The Golden Dawn Tarot Series 2

It is with great excitement that we introduce the second volume of the ‘Golden Dawn Tarot Series’, a collection of distinguished books on Tarot written by leaders of the Golden Dawn Tradition. The second book of this series, ‘Tarot Revelations’, contains Paul Foster Case’s most advanced teachings on the Tarot. In this text, the student is shown how to form occult relationships between the various letters of the esoteric alphabet revealed in Book T. This book, and its companion, ‘Wisdom of Tarot’, were originally distributed as ‘Tarot Instruction, Section First’ and ‘Tarot Instruction, Section Second’. These texts followed Sections A, B, C, and D and came before the ‘Hermetic Alchemy: Science and Practice’ course in the original ‘School of Ageless Wisdom’ course curriculum. Sections A, B, C, and D were recently published as ‘The Early Writings, Volume 1 and 2’ by the Fraternity of the Hidden Light; ‘Hermetic Alchemy: Science and Practice’ was recently published by the Rosicrucian Order of the Golden Dawn as the second volume in the ‘The Golden Dawn Alchemy’ series. With the publication of these texts, the entire course curriculum of Paul Foster Case, as distributed by the School of Ageless Wisdom, is now available to stu-dents of the Golden Dawn Tradition.

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2 comments on “Tarot Revelations – The Golden Dawn Tarot Series 2

  1. Tools for Alchemical Transformation using Advanced Tarot Techniques Paul Foster Case’s book, Tarot Revelations, is amazing. I was profoundly impressed – and affected in a positive way – by the content of this book. Having been a BOTA student for many years, I was very grateful to have this material to study. Like Case’s other masterpiece, The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order, this book will stand up to multiple readings, again and again, revealing gems that become more precious every time they are considered. (For more information on Builders of the Adytum lessons about Tarot, Qaballah, and Western Occultism, please visit http://www.bota.org).The book is almost overwhelming in the amount of rich insight available to you. Originally written as weekly lessons sent out by Paul Case’s first Mystery School, The School of Ageless Wisdom, the “lessons” which are the chapters of this book are jammed packed with important information that, with time and careful practice of the meditations and behaviors suggested therein, will lead the serious devoted practitioner towards adeptship, a conscious state of realization of who and what you really are, as a Child of the Most High.For those unfamiliar with Case’s work, he is considered by most famous Western Occultists as the foremost authority on Tarot and its connection to other areas such as Spiritual Alchemy, Hermeticism, and Judeo/Christian Qaballah. This book is not a primer on divination using Tarot – it is a book designed to enable the reader to unlock the aspects of his/her own awareness which enable connection with the Source of all consciousness. In this regard, one of the most important uses and value of Tarot as a meditation tool is the ability to use it as “shorthand” for the communication of very important and deep philosophical and spiritual ideas, which are at the core of all spiritual practices. Using the Tarot in this manner develops rapid expansion of awareness, re-organization of one’s mind and attitudes, and the ability to draw on these changes of perception at will – in a sense, allowing the user to direct his/her thoughts to the subject of choice and meditate upon them.This book also contains Case’s clear, unvarnished, and significantly inspired, thoughts on the process of illumination, as it occurs step by step within the individual who has decided to tread the Path of Return. Not only does the book present Wisdom, but it shows you how to develop the same tools internal to your consciousness which Paul Case used himself to arrive at the stage of awareness which allowed him to write this book and see so profoundly into Reality.Historically, Case created the School of Ageless Wisdom prior to forming the Builders of the Adytum, a Mystery School currently in existence, (www.bota.org) whose lessons contain Paul Case and Anne Davies’ (his successor) valuable teachings on Tarot, Qaballah, Astrology, Alchemy and Hermeticism. A selection of the writings of Paul Foster Case during the years of the School of Ageless Wisdom, which include this present book, are now published by the Rosicrucian Order of the Golden Dawn.The importance of publishing these early works of Case is this, in my opinion: some of Case’s most clear descriptions, and many inspired discussions, are contained within the writings of this time period. Many complex and profound discussions exist alongside more simple statements of instruction. When Case later used this material to form many years of his instruction in the BOTA curriculum, the material was edited, re-organized, “fleshed out” and changed. It is my personal opinion that there is an underlying “strength” in the communications Case penned during this time period. While they are almost “too rich” in content, they are definitely important materials, for not all of his ideas and comments included in these original manuscripts appear in the lesson materials provided through BOTA. For that reason alone, this material justifies its publication. Additionally, for those who have studied these subjects as presented in the BOTA curriculum, this manuscript is like looking at a Master’s inspired painting, which later may “unfold” into various other derivative works, but which, in its own right, shows the hand of the Divine clearly as the original author.It is an amazing blessing that this manuscript, which was never publicly published, and in the hands of only a tiny group of collectors of spiritual documents, and not part of the current lesson material of BOTA, was lovingly and painstakingly scribed into the form it now appears in.May light be extended upon you.

  2. Life Changing! This book contains the most advanced Tarot Instruction ever put out by Paul Foster Case. I highly recommend absorbing the contents of before beginning ‘Tarot Revelatons’. The ‘Wisdom of Tarot’ provides the background necessary to understand and utilize ‘Tarot Revelations’.I have been a B.O.T.A. student for 17 years and have studied all of the B.O.T.A. lessons which I have always promoted as the best correspondence course ever but there is really something special about these two Tarot books. The style of writing is significantly more clear and inspirational.I feel as if a Spiritual Transmission has been received directly from Paul Case. My life has changed dramatically since pursuing these two Tarot books. I have found all that I have been looking for all my life. My emotional life has truly blossomed. I sincerely wish everyone could share this profound experience – these books are highly recommended.

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