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Tarot: Reading Tarot Cards: The Beginners Guidebook To The Ancient Art Of Tarot Card Meanings And Spreads (Tarot Witches,Tarot Cards For Beginners,Astrology,Numerology,Palmistry)

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What Do The Cards Say?

Discover The Ancient Art Of Reading Tarot Cards,Tarot Cards have been around for a long time and they have an irresistible and undeniable power on those that take the reading. Even those who consider themselves learned or the educated who are above such fabled superstitions cannot help but see that there is something powerful behind the cards, whether they want to admit it or not.

What The Cards Say

Everyone has a fascination with the mystery of the unknown. And who wouldn’t like to know or change their future circumstance.Tarot cards are by far the most popular of all the fortune telling mediums. Tarot cards give easy to understand clues and quick and easy answers to the questions and mysteries of your unknown future. Begin to explore the cards as a beginner, and learn to read the cards to understand what the future holds.

A Quick Preview…

  • What Do The Cards Say?
    • A Brief History of Enchantment

    • The Seeker and the Reader:
    • The Major Arcana:
    • The Minor Arcana
    • Spreads
    • The Last Read

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